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How You Can Contribute to the
Success of DREAMWalker Group

This is a free website.  DREAMWalker Group freely supports independent creative people by offering completely free web presences.  We also offer links to websites that we think will benefit artists, authors, etc.  We do not charge for any of these services, but do rely on your financial and spiritual support.  How can you support us?

  1. Contribute to one another

  2. Keep creating

  3. Give of your service or skill

  4. Participate in the site

  5. Individual Involvement

  6. Publisher Involvement

  7. Corporate Involvement

  8. Donations

  9. Use our affiliates

  10. Sign up for the DREAMScene newsletter

  11. Mention DREAMWalker Group on Oprah!






bulletContribute to one another

The best way to contribute to us is by contributing to one another. Treat your neighbor as you would have them treat you.


bulletKeep creating

Your brilliance makes the world a better place to be.


bulletContact us if you have a service or skill that you'd like to offer us. 

DREAMWalker Group can utilize just about any skill, but is especially seeking advice on small business taxation, tax-exempt status, and improving our web functionality and design.

Any suggestions on how to make this site more user friendly will be gladly accepted!

Contact us at dreamwalkergroup@me.com.


bullet Participate in the site. 

Visit the site daily and click on pages and profiles you like.


bullet Individual involvement (i.e. artists, authors, etc.)

Creative and independent individuals (i.e. artists, authors, etc.) can helping:
bulletSpread the word about DREAMWalker Group -- just tell all your friends and associates! -- and cross link to us from your own websites.
bulletIf you don't already have a free profile, get one.  Tell your friends and associates to get a free profile, too.  Contact us at alter_mike-getlisted@yahoo.com
bulletIf you don't have a web page of your own, considering using your free profile at DREAMWalker Group as one for purposes of marketing yourself.

Make a direct contribution either by check (mailed to us c/o Michael Walker at 2039 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Washington, DC  20009) or click the Donate button to make a payment through PayPal.


bullet Publisher Involvement

For a limited time, publishers can
sponsor their artist's profile pages here for free.  We’ll give them a small banner with links to their company’s homepage -- provided they agree to provide cross links to DREAMWalker Group or run free advertising in return.  In fact, we’ll do the same for any of your writers, as well.

DREAMWalker Group is extremely interested in helping make your creative person a success and, as such, is open to discussing any marketing partnerships and other suggestions you may have to offer.


bulletCorporate Involvement

Corporations can help by becoming a corporate sponsor, making monetary donations, or offering DREAMWalker Group grants to continue its work.  We don't sell ads but will provide a small banner with links to your company’s homepage -- the caveat being that you agree to provide cross links to DREAMWalker Group or run free advertising in return. 
Special note to publishers:  I am not presently charging for the small banners and links for the author profiles. Right now I am more interested in generating traffic to my site and acquiring the names of more authors! In exchange it would be great if publishers could create links back to me, publicize my site through word of mouth, and offer other creative support.

Remember: The more traffic I have the greater the possibility I can donate even more money back to creative literary folks!

Contact us at alter_mike-getlisted@yahoo.com to offer and/or discuss these kinds of arrangements.


bulletAnyone and everyone can help by making donations either by:
  1. A check mailed to us c/o:

Sendme an email for address information.

  1. Through PayPal -- just click the button!  


bulletUse our affiliates

Purchase large or small items from Amazon.com at our site.  Just click on any link on the profile pages or use the search tables on the home pages or at on our Amazon.com search page.
bulletGoogle's AdSense

Clicking on the Google AdSense banners and ads generates a small amount of income (generally pennies) for DREAMWalker Group.  We highly recommend you review these ads as often as you can.

If time permits, mention DREAMWalker Group on Oprah!


bulletAll contributions are currently listed as "earned income" for DREAMWalker Group and are used for maintenance of this free site.
bulletContact us at dreamwalkergroup@me.com to discuss contributions or to ask questions about contributions.
bulletSee a list of our supporters.

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DREAMWaker Group is not incorporated as a non-profit organization.

Your donations help defray the cost of running this site but are not tax-deductible
as charitable expenses
.  See your tax consultant for more information.

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