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Michael Walker
(aka Awakened Man, Dreamwalker, writer_mike)
[September 7, 1952 - ]

BLOG:  Awakened Man's World

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Michael, also known as Dreamwalker, is the creator and proprietor of DREAMWalker Group, a website dedicated to freely providing information and assistance to creative individuals worldwide.

Profile created December 11, 2003

Life Experience

Michael has worked many types of jobs during his life. Starting as an attendant at Jones Beach State Park in the seventies, he's been a law librarian, records manager, actor and model, bartender, and catering sales manager. He's helped manage a guesthouse on Cape Cod, worked as a concessionaire on Broadway in New York City, and finally wound up as a professional technical and freelance writer today. He has lived in a lot of the world's great Gay places, including Provincetown, Massachusetts for five years (one summer he lived in the same house as a young Michael Cunningham and another summer when the actor Divine and Superstar Holly Woodlawn were his neighbors); New York City (where he lived with the incredibly good looking novelist, William Rooney, and Key West (where he spent one evening drinking with Tennessee Williams and Michael Greer... a night, which for a variety of reasons, he can barely remember.

In addition, Michael is a shamanic practitioner and Mesa Carrier in the tradition of the Q'ero of Peru.  He holds sacred space in concert with Spirit to provide a safe environment for healing, learning, and transformation.

Academic Experience

Michael studied English Literature and Theater (performing arts) at Hofstra University (where he co-founded the first Gay group, Hofstra United Gays, during the early seventies. Years later he completed a publication specialist program at The George Washington University in Washington, DC. During his tenure at numerous positions following that, he became adept in many computer software and desktop publishing applications. Often, when he isn't writing and just being, he dabbles in HTML and SGML. By night, Michael is a rather dashing fellow with a great sense of humor and a laptop (computer, that is) so he can take DREAMWalker Group with him whenever he chooses.

From Michael

Artistic, disabled, gay, spiritual, straight,  transgendered?  What's it all matter, anyway?  All I know is that people are brilliant in their humanity and complete in their oneness.  Yes, that's right.  I believe we're all one manifested as a group of varied and individual humans -- and that together we can create the WORLD (e.g. Universe) we want, whenever we want.  And when do we want it?  NOW! 

Read some of Michael's creative meanderings at his blog, Awakened Man's World.

I create a safe space to provide healing, learning, & transformation. Energy, body, and soul work on an individual basis.  Click here.

I'll update your website news/blog entries, manage
/update your LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter accounts, and encourage the acquisition of new followers/fans.  Click here.

Michael has created numerous websites for himself, for friends, and for associates.  In addition to DREAMWalker Group he has an on-line novel, Promisetown Tales..

Specialties include features, humor, new age, nonfiction, spirituality, and website development. Click here.

Click here to read Promisetown Tales -- an in-progress, on-line serialized fictional biography by Michael Walker

During a Shamanic Journey (a guided, drumming inward journey) while on a spirit-based retreat (Spirit Journeys), DREAMWalker Group's founder and proprietor, Michael Walker, encountered a totem animal -- a white wolf.  During the course of their conversation together, Walker's animal guide gave him the name Dreamwalker.  Year's later, Michael Walker created the DREAMWalker Group to help nurture and spread the power of creativity.

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