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Works by
Angelica Harris
(aka Angela F. C. Locascio)

Holy Grail Triology
  1. The Quest For Excalibur (2001)
    Story of an American woman, Arianna Lawrence who after dealing with a sick husband and son, she herself falls ill. Her doctor tells Arianna that she must take a vacation to heal from her struggles that life gave her.

    Arianna and her family go to England, the place of her dreams. It is there that she takes a tour of the ruins of Camelot with a man named Edmund Winters. It is there that at the lake that Arianna unearths Excalibur. Edmund tells Arianna that she must return Excalibur to her rightful owners. This is ludicrous to Arianna after all "her owners are dead, they are ghosts." She is wrong. Arianna finds herself back in Camelot in the Sixth Century. It is there that Edmund reveals that he is really Merlin and helps Arianna form a friendship with King Arthur before he dies in battle with his son Modred. You see Arianna and Arthur have sons who are oppositional due to mental illness and problems. One who is thought to be bewitched, MODRED, and the other who suffers from Tourette Syndrome, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder) and is also Emotionally Disturbed, JOSEPH Ariannaís son

    Arianna witnesses Arthurís funeral and the ordination of the heir to Excalibur who is Galahad. Galahad makes Arianna promise to return to her family and someday through a secret signal, a return to Camelot when he has need of her.

  2. Excalibur and the Holy Grail (2002)
    It is twelve years later and Galahad must leave for the Holy Grail Quest. One problem- his wife is dead and his son Prince John Arthur is too hard to handle for Nimue, Merlinís wife and Catherine, Sir Gawainís wife. These women are getting on in years and hence Galahad decides that it is time to call Arianna back.

    Through the mysticism of The Lady of the Lake and Merlin, Arianna is called home to Camelot to fulfill her promise to Galahad and bring Joseph with her. Arianna returns to Camelot bringing the Prophecy of Excalibur and the Holy Grail with her along with the secrets of King Arthurís Tomb. These are the lessons Galahad must learn before he leaves for the Quest.

    In the interim, Ariannaís son Joseph who was such a difficult child to raise learns what it is like to become a man under Galahadís roof. It is there through the bravery he learns to embrace that he becomes a Knight and is chosen to ride with Galahad and his men on the Grail Quest.

    It is on this quest that these men become brothers, overcoming obstacles that faith and brotherhood can withstand. It is this quest where they learn the fallacies of life and also its enrichment. The Grail finds its way home to Camelot. The Grail therefore brings peace to a Camelot, which has suffered so long after the death of King Arthur and for a peace that Galahad so wished to bestow on his beloved country.

    The Grail especially brings peace to Arianna who learns that she can forgive herself of her past transgressions and how much she loves her family and that all her sacrifices have now been warranted. For Galahad the Grail brings new meaning to his Kingship and Fatherhood and the secrets King Arthur left to him. One special secret the Latin words on his tomb and what they mean.

  3. Excalibur Reclaims her King (December 2008 release) with Corey Blake of La Film Lab and Writers of the Round Table
    A modern day New York Mother is called upon to battle an evil Queen from centuries past and to open the time gates to Camelot where she must heal Merlin, raise Arthur from the dead and battle an army of heretics to unite the religions of the 6th century under Christ.

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