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Works by
David Wojahn
[1953 - ]

Profile created October 26, 2009
Updated November 5, 2009
  • Note: David Wojahn was the husband of the poet Lynda Hull.

As Editor
  • Profile of Twentieth Century American Poetry (1991) with Jack Myers
    Seven chronologically arranged essays—each covering roughly a decade from 1908 through 1988—plus two special-focus essays on black and female poets, an introduction by Ed Folsom, and a preface by editors Jack Myers and David Wojahn, outline the critical, creative, aesthetic, and cultural forces at work in the American poetry of this century. Several contributors, including Michael Heller, Richard Jackson, and Jonathan Holden, have recently published important book-length critical studies in their essay area; all have published well-regarded collections of their own poetry.

  • Icehouse Lights (September 4, 2009 release)

  • Interrogation Palace: New and Selected Poems 1982-2004 (2006)
    Interrogation Palace is a career-spanning selection of work from an important American poet, drawing upon each of David Wojahn's six previous collections and a substantial gathering of new work. Moving fluently from personal history to public history, and from high culture to popular culture, Wojahn's searching and restless poetry has been considerably acclaimed, both for the candor of its testimony and the authority of its formal invention. He is above all an elegiac poet, tender and ferocious by turns, whether mourning the loss of family and loved ones or the hopes and aspirations of the baby-boomer era. Interrogation Palace confirms David Wojahn's status as one of the most inventive, passionate, and ambitious figures of his generation.

  • Spirit Cabinet (2002)
    This collection of poetry mixes autobiography with subjects ranging from pop music to ancient Egypt, from Stalin's reading habits to Shackleton's ill-fated Antarctic expedition.

  • The Falling Hour (1997)
    This collection of poems ponders love lost, estrangement, communal breakdown, but also celebrates love, connection, and the perishable bonds which join people to each other. The poet won the Yale Younger Poets Prize for "Icehouse Lights".

  • Late Empire (1994)
    This is Wojahn's fourth and most wide-ranging collection of poetry. In these poems, centred around two elegies for his parents, private and public history merge. They also treat an array of subjects drawn from news events.

  • Mystery Train (1990)

  • Glassworks (1987)

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