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Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D.

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Profile created April 24, 2007
  • Soar with Your Strengths (1992) by Donald O. Clifton and Paula Nelson
    Based on forty years of research into such leading companies as Federal Express, Prudential Securities, and Disney Development Co., Soar With Your Strengths finally puts into print the dynamic, inspiring psychology of achievement that has propelled thousands of businesses, managers, and individuals to outstanding success.

    Donald O. Clifton, the founder and chairman of SRI Gallup, one of the nation's foremost consulting firms, and bestselling author and entrepeneur Paula Nelson show you how to transform dramatically the way you manage your company, your career, and your future.

  • Play to Your Strengths (1993) by Donald O. Clifton and Paula Nelson

  • Now, Discover Your Strengths (2001) by Donald O. Clifton and Marcus Buckingham
    Introduces a system for discovering personal strengths and talents, and being able to use them to create personal and professional success. Also shows how to help others realize their potential, using the StrengthsFinder Profile, a system developed from a 25-year effort by Gallup, based on the psychological profiles of more than 2 million people. DLC: Employee motivation.

  • StrengthsQuest: Discover and Develop Your Strengths in Academics, Career, and Beyond (2002, 2006) by Donald O. Clifton and Edward "Chip" Anderson
    Discover Your Own Natural Talents For Your Greatest Achievement Over the past 30 years, the Gallup Organization has conducted more than two million psychological interviews and identified themes of talent indicative of success. StrengthsQuest offers you the opportunity to discover and develop your top five themes to achieve academic, career and personal excellence. This book includes a single-user ID code that gives you access to Gallup's Strengthsfinder and revolutionary online program for students.

  • How Full Is Your Bucket? Positive Strategies for Work and Life. (2004) by Donald O. Clifton and Tom Rath
    How did you feel after your last interaction with another person?

    Did that person -- your spouse, best friend, coworker, or even a stranger -- "fill your bucket" by making you feel more positive? Or did that person "dip from your bucket," leaving you more negative than before?

    How Full Is Your Bucket? reveals how even the briefest interactions affect your relationships, productivity, health, and longevity.

    Organized around a simple metaphor of a dipper and a bucket, and grounded in 50 years of research, this book will show you how to greatly increase the positive moments in your work and your life -- while reducing the negative.

    Filled with discoveries, powerful strategies, and engaging stories, How Full Is Your Bucket? is sure to inspire lasting changes and has all the makings of a timeless classic.   See also
    How Full Is Your Bucket? Educator's Edition: Positive Strategies for Work and Life

  • Living Your Strengths: Discover Your God-Given Talents and Inspire Your Community (2004) by Albert L. Winseman, Curt Liesveld, and Donald O. Clifton
    While millions of people in the U.S. are actively involved in some sort of religious organization, many people feel disengaged from their faith communities. More than half report that they really don't get the opportunity in their congregation to do what they do best. The problem is this: too many people's talents are going unappreciated. But it doesn't have to be this way. Living Your Strengths shows readers how to use their innate gifts to enrich their faith communities. The book shows people how to identify and affirm their talents, and how to use them for growth and service. Most importantly, Living Your Strengths helps people discover their true callings. The book includes an ID code that gives readers access to StrengthsFinder.com, a personality assessment that reveals the user's top five talents.

  • How Full Is Your Bucket? Educator's Edition: Positive Strategies for Work and Life (2007) by Donald O. Clifton and Tom Rath

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