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Works by
Elizabeth Lucas-Taylor
(aka E. Lucas-Taylor)

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Profile created June 12, 2007
  • Dangerous Legacy (In progress)

  • Dangerous Business (In progress)

  • Unfinished Business (2006)
    Lindsay Mayer knows something is amiss when her husband, Griffin, a college professor, starts spending too much time at his office and out-of-town. Shortly after the ugly truth surfaces, Griffin disappears altogether. Lindsay is shattered. Life without Griffin is life without life.

    A long-time girlfriend comes to the rescue, offering Lindsay a job with the Justice Department that would require a move from Seattle, Washington to Washington DC. Why not? Lindsay argues with herself. Her husband has apparently abandoned her and if she canít find him she canít even divorce him.

    At once Lindsay spins into a new and exciting career. When she is transferred to London in an exchange between the U.S. Justice Department and MI5, she learns to speak with a proper English accent and develops a talent for computer hacking and covert operations. She also picks up the sophistication of London. Her drab blonde hair is now a rich shade of auburn. Off go the extra pounds and tinted contact lenses change her eye color from brown to sapphire blue. Lindsay is delighted with the transformation. Even her own mother wouldnít recognize her!

    Five busy and exciting years pass. When valuable IDís are stolen from a diplomatic pouch at the British Embassy, Lindsay, now known as "Honor" is sent to Washington to find the thieves and disable the secret codes encrypted into the security badges. She is instructed to thwart any assassination attempt on visiting delegates. Itís doubtful that Lindsay would ever run into her ex-husband and even more doubtful that a college professor from Seattle would have anything to do with the American Justice Department or the British EmbassyÖSo thinks Lindsay/Honor.

  • Marketing Yourself As A Freelance Writer (2005)
    Everything you need to get started and help you build a lucrative career in Freelance writing.
    Available for purchase only at AuthorsDen.com

  • Sourdough & More (2003)
    This cookbook is much more than the usual Sourdough Bread Cookbook. Within these pages you will find more than three-hundred sourdough recipes and menus for breakfast basics, soups, main dishes, savories, cookies & sweets, pastry & pies, cakes & dessertsÖas well as those wonderful old-fashioned bread recipes. You will also find many marvelous ways to use sourdough you might not have thought of before, a delightful collection of seven cookbooks, rolled into one.

    I became enthused about sourdough baking once again, when I came across my grandmotherís and great-grandmotherís hand-written sourdough recipes. I left the old menus intact as I found them, in the combinations of foods as my family ate them. Each generation added their notes, variations and improvements to these recipes. And, in calculating the age of the collection, I realized many of the recipes had a basis in late seventeenth century cooking, perhaps even earlier. Everything was homemade, homegrown or grazing out in a field somewhere, and made from scratch. I have very fond memories of table wine and beer made at home, our own smokehouse just off the kitchen too, a far cry from today when everything can be found in a supermarket or special ordered from a variety or purveyors. My grandmothersí, however far back, would have been wild about the thought of our modern day supermarkets. What they would find there would have eased the feeding of their families and thier kitchen workload tremendously. As enterprising as they were, to make food palatable with what ever the fates would give them, todayís variety of foods would have made them master chefs. The kitchen appliances alone would have boggled their minds.

    Available for purchase only at AuthorsDen.com.

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