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Works by
Etgar Keret
(Graphic Novelist, Screenwriter, Writer)
[August 20, 1967 - ]

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Profile created August 28, 2009
  • Dad Runs Away With The Circus (2004) with Rutu Modan, Illustrator
    "The circus is in town!" Dad roared.
    "And we're all going to see it!"

    Audrey and Zach are still half-asleep — and can't help stifling yawns — when Dad bursts in with his announcement. Dad is so excited, he starts practicing daring stunts before they even leave for the show. Under the big top, Dad's enthusiasm is downright embarrassing, and Audrey and Zach suspect it has something to do with the generation gap. But even they could never guess just how carried away their dad is going to get! With striking graphic artwork by one of Israel's top illustrators and comic-book artists — splendidly showcased in a double gatefold spread — an acclaimed Israeli author brings his talents to the world of picture books for the first time.

  • Pizzeria Kamikaze (2005) with Asaf Hanuka, Illustrator
    Pizzeria Kamikaze is about a guy with a broken heart who committed suicide only to find himself at Pizza Kamikaze, a regular day job in a world where everyone died before. Now, it's about passing time.

  • Bipolar (2003) by Asaf Hanuka, Etgar Keret, and Tomer Hanuka

  • Jetlag (1998)
    A drab travelling salesman who falls in love with a Romanian circus aerialist; a young woman who lives next to the entrance to Hell; a magician who loses control of his magic tricks; a piggy bank named Margolis; and a young girl who claims that she is a porn obsessed dwarf are on a flight to nowhere. This work includes five graphic novellas based on the short stories by Etgar Keret.

  • Simtaot Hazaam / Streets of Fury (1997) with Asaf Hanuka

  • Lo Banu Lehenot / Nobody Said It Was Going to Be Fun (1996) with Rutu Modan

  • Entebbe: A Musical (1993) with Jonathan Bar Giora -- Winner 1993 First Prize in the Alternative Theater Festival in Akko

Short Stories
  • The Girl On The Fridge (2008)
    A birthday-party magician whose hat tricks end in horror and gore; a girl parented by a major household appliance; the possessor of the lowest IQ in the Mossad—such are the denizens of Etgar Keret’s dark and fertile mind. The Girl on the Fridge contains the best of Keret’s first collections, the ones that made him a household name in Israel and the major discovery of this last decade.

  • The Nimrod Flipout: Stories (2006)
    Already featured on This American Life and Selected Shorts and in Zoetrope: All Story and L.A. Weekly, these short stories include a man who finds equal pleasure in his beautiful girlfriend and the fat, soccer-loving lout she turns into after dark; shrinking parents; a case of impotence cured by a pet terrier; and a pessimistic Middle Eastern talking fish. A bestseller in Israel, The Nimrod Flipout is an extraordinary collection from the preeminent Israeli writer of his generation.

  • The Bus Driver Who Wanted to Be God & Other Stories (2004)
    Brief, intense, painfully funny, and shockingly honest, Keret's stories are snapshots that illuminate with intelligence and wit the hidden truths of life. Hilarity and anguish are the twin pillars of his work. Heret covers a remarkable emotional and narrative terrain - from a father's first lesson to his boy to a standoff between soldiers caught in the Middle East conflict to a slice of life where nothing much happens.

  • Anihu / I-am-him (2002)

  • Ha'Keytana Shel Kneller / Kneller's Happy Campers (1998)
    Master short story writer Etgar Keret turns his hand to a longer tale, Kneller’s Happy Campers, which was recently turned into the cult film Wristcutters: A Love Story, starring Tom Waits and Shannon Sossamon.

    See also: Noted -- (Review) (Brief Article): An article from: World Literature Today [HTML] (Digital)

  • Ga'aguai Le'Kissinger / Missing Kissinger (1994)
    A powerful new collection of stories from Israel's bestselling Etgar Keret - most of which are being published in English for the first time

  • Tzinorot / Pipelines (1992)

  • Meduzot / Jellyfish (2007) with his wife -- Winner 2007 Caméra d'or at the Cannes Film Festival
    Shira Geffen, director with Sarah Adler and Zharira Charifai
    Jellyfish (Meduzot) is a richly imaginative portrait of three very different women emotionally adrift in Tel Aviv. Co-directed by acclaimed Israeli author Etgar Keret (The Nimrod Flipout, The Girl on the Fridge) and his wife Shira Geffen, the film explores Israeli frames of mind in a unique fashion--remarkably apolitical and boldly atmospheric, buoyed by charming touches of magical realism. While Batya (Sarah Adler, Godard's Notre Musique), a struggling waitress, cares for a mysterious child that appeared to her out of the sea, newlywed Keren nurses a broken leg and a ruined honeymoon, and Filipino migrant worker Joy tries to support her son back home. With striking cinematography and moving performances, Jellyfish is a witty and warm reflection on making connections and confronting destiny in a deconstructed urban landscape.

  • Wristcutters - A Love Story (2006), Goran Dukic, director with Patrick Fugit, Shannyn Sossamon, Tom Waits and Will Arnett.  DVD  Soundtrack
    Based on Keret's short story, "Ha'Keytana Shel Kneller" (Kneller's Happy Campers).

  • Malka Lev Adom / Skin Deep (1996)
    Writer and director

  • The Pricking (2008)
    (Fiction) (Story): An article from: World Literature Today by Etgar Keret (Digital - HTML)

  • The Flying Santinis (2005)
    (Short Story):  An article from: World Literature Today by Etgar Keret and Dalya Bilu (Digital - HTML)

  • Gaza Blues: Different Stories (2004) with Samir El-Youssef

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