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(aka Everlutionary)
(Previously known as Rajeev R. Kasat)

Profile created September 25, 2006
  • Trails: Trust Before Suspicion (2001)
    These are true stories, captured by a 23 year old who in the past 2 years has traveled twice around the earth. They tell him, "You are fortunate to be alive, to have lived after hitchhiking across the United States and traveling alone across African soil." They tell him and he replies...trust before suspicion.

  • Everlutionary: Escape Extinction (2003)
    Some of you may remember him from Trails: Trust Before Suspicion, his first book, independently published in 2001. Two years later the Everlutionary's second book, Escape Extinction, was released. As a former Peaceable Schools Coordinator in D.C. Public High Schools and also a Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation Fellow to the United Nations and their World Conference Against Racism---Kasat's second book is an analysis of War and Peace, Love and Hate, Creation and Destruction. In addition to essays addressing the need for humanity to rebalance with Mother Earth, and thoughts regarding how humanity could escape extinction, his new book intertwines poetry, prose, and short stories affirming our universal connections. The book is meant to remind us that we are valuable and should not underestimate our purpose... it has been referred to as Che Guevera and Charles Darwin holding hands.

  • zerONEss (2005)
    --------------------From where does one come? Inside what does it exist? Can numbers exist without words; words without feelings? Zero and One have perplexed and driven scientists for thousands of years. They have provided the basis for mathematical formulas and technological advances. They have created a framework within which religion has manifested and philosophy flowered. ------------------------------------ Zero, contrary to what many think, is not only emptiness it is fullness, it is not only nothing it is everything--------------------Meanwhile, The One, commonly associated with unity and togetherness, has been discovered as the instigator and cause of separation. The birth of numbers begins with one's attempted divorce from Zero. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yet, Zero can neither be created nor destroyed. One was birthed out of zerONEss, and numbers are Zero's children----------------------------------------This book, a symphony of poetry and prose, is the authors third in four years. It is for those who desire to dig into the foundation of the universe's patient existence. In essence it is composed of short sentences with profound meaning. The book inspires contemplation, challenges traditional understandings about unity and origin, and encourages the reader to meditate upon breaking limits.

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