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Quin M. Sherrer

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Profile created November 16, 2006
Writing Alone
  • How to Forgive Your Children (1989)

  • How to Pray for Your Family and Friends (1990)

  • Miracles Happen When You Pray (1997)
    This is an inspirational account of the miracle working power of our God and of the power of prayer.

  • Listen, God Is Speaking to You: True Stories of His Love and Guidance (1999)

  • Good Night, LordLord: Inspiration for the End of the Day (2000)
    In this poignant and powerful devotional, Quin Sherrer shares delightful and heart warming stories. This book shows today's woman how to identify and claim her "garden"-her home and the people within her sphere of influence. She will learn how to cultivate and tend her garden for the purpose of reaping a bountiful spiritual harvest. This collection of daily readings will inspire and encourage women to live each day with a God-given sense of destiny, no matter how ordinary life seems at the time-or how chaotic. Learn how to defend your field against anything that would threaten it.

  • Grandma's Prayers from the Heart Journal (2002)
    Imagine picking up a lovely journal and reading the prayers that your grandmother prayed for you throughout your life. Now you can begin creating a journal of prayers for your own precious grandchildren with this beautiful journal filled with inspiration from respected author, Quin Sherrer. A lovely companion piece to the gift book, "Prayers from a Grandma's Heart," this journal will be the perfect gift for grandmothers at any time of the year. Plus, once it is filled with Grandma's prayers, it will be a treasured keepsake to be passed down through the generations.

  • Prayers from a Grandma's Heart (2002)
    Whether they live a continent away or just down the street, grandmothers can have enormous influence on the spiritual well-being of their grandchildren. Even children who are reared in a Christian home need someone to pray for them regularly, and who can do it better than a grandma? Countless stories have been told about the power of a praying grandma. This small book of easy-to-read prayers helps grandmas pray according to the promises and blessings found in the Bible. Whether children are infants or adults, they need someone who will pray tenaciously on their behalf.

  • The Warm and Welcome Home (2002)
    A Christian home should provide comfort, healing, friendship, rest and encouragement to all who enter it. And hospitality doesn't have to cost loads of time or money! This creative guide will help Christian women to find mentors who can help them make their home a safe haven; to mentor younger women to do the same; to decorate their home on a tight budget; to make their guests feel welcome and comfortable; and to open their home to Bible study and prayer groups.

  • Grandmas Are a Gift from God Greeting Book (2004)
    Unique gift book format features short inspirational quotes, poems, and Scriptures perfect for showing Grandma how special she is.

Writing with Ruthanne Garlock
  • How to Pray for Your Children (1986)
    What are your hopes for your children? That they'll become strong Christians? That they'll be able to resist the temptations around them? That they'll live the kinds of lives that will make a difference in the world? Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock had these same concerns for each of their three children. In this classic book, Quin and Ruthanne teach us how to pray for both our godly and wayward children, for our children's friends, for those in authority over our children, for children in the womb and for chronically ill or dying children. Whatever your concerns for your children, whatever their condition at this moment, this book will inform, instruct and inspire you to persevere in your prayers for your children.

  • A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Warfare: A Woman's Guide for Battle (1991)
    A son's drug addiction. A daughter's abortion. A husband's failed business. A friend's adulterous affair. Depression. Fear. Illness. Women everywhere face battles that threaten to overwhelm them and those they love. But what can one woman do? A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Warfare will help you learn to use God's tremendous spiritual power to resist the enemy. Learn how to break cycles of bondage and weakness in your family history, make your home a spiritual refuge, and fight for the health of your marriage. Whether we like it or not, there is a war going on around us. God has given women places on the battlefront. This book will help you to take your place with confidence.

    • See also:  A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Warfare & the Spiritual Warrior's Prayer Guide (1991)
      Learn how to break the cycles of weakness and bondage in your family and make your home a spiritual refuge with A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Warfare. The Spiritual Warrior's Prayer Guide offers an arsenal of verses from both the Old and New Testaments to use in a variety of spiritual battles. Two great books combined in 1 hardback copy.

  • The Spiritual Warrior's Prayer Guide (1992)
    God's Word is the strongest weapon in our spiritual artillery. Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock believe that when we use the Bible in intercession and warfare, we bind the power of the evil one and declare God's promises and victory for our life and the lives of those we love. In this book they guide the reader in applying biblical promises to every area of life, whether it's illness, financial trouble, depression, concern for wayward loved ones, unemployment, or confusion.

    • See also: See also:  A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Warfare & the Spiritual Warrior's Prayer Guide (1991)
      Learn how to break the cycles of weakness and bondage in your family and make your home a spiritual refuge with A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Warfare. The Spiritual Warrior's Prayer Guide offers an arsenal of verses from both the Old and New Testaments to use in a variety of spiritual battles. Two great books combined in 1 hardback copy.

  • A Woman's Guide to Breaking Bondages (1994)
    After equipping thousands of women for battle in A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Warfare, Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock take women to the next step-through the war zone directly to enemy strongholds. Many women see areas in their own lives or in the lives of those they love where invisible chains seem to bind. Behaviors they can't change. Grief that never seems to lift. Anger and unforgiveness that seethe and grow. Guilt over past sins and failures. Sexual temptations that leave them feeling vulnerable and ashamed. Eating disorders they can't control. Quin and Ruthanne offer hope and reassurance to those who are struggling, guiding readers to look beyond their immediate circumstances and to renew their faith and trust in God.

  • A Woman's Guide to Spirit-Filled Living (1996)
    Bestselling authors Quinn Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock have written this book specifically for those women who want to revitalize their daily walk with God. Those who are searching will learn how to receive the Holy Spirit's help for problems, pray in the Spirit, exercise the gifts of the Spirit, allow the Spirit to turn weakness into strength, and discover the freedom of the Spirit-led life. God is at work strengthening His warriors in righteousness and obedience. He wants women to be victorious in all their struggles, and He provides the power of the Holy Spirit to help them with all of life's challenges. This book provides a basic understanding of how to receive that power.

  • Breaking Bondages (1997)

  • A Woman's Guide to Getting Through Tough Times (1998)

  • Prayers Women Pray: Intimate Moments With God (1998)
    Prayer anchors a woman in the turbulent sea of concerns that can make up her life. It anchors her to God's loving care and infinite wisdom. Yet many women are overcome by their burdens and struggle to pray with faith in God's ability to handle their lives. In Prayers Women Pray Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock equip women to pray easily and confidently. Veteran "pray-ers" themselves, Quin and Ruthanne have written powerful prayers for many key concerns of women, prayers that get to the heart of the matter, that show women how to approach God in faith.

  • The Making of a Spiritual Warrior: A Woman's Guide to Daily Victory (1999)
    Spiritual warfare experts Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock have pulled together their best advice into one book to help you grow into your full stature as a child of God. You can read one entry daily or a whole section at one sitting. Covering all aspects of the life of a spiritual warrior, The Making of a Spiritual Warriorgives you helpful tips and balanced reminders about living a full and victorious Christian life.

  • Praying Prodigals Home (2000)
    The enemy has used the temptations of this world to lure so many of our young people away from the values and teaching of their Christian upbringing. Best-selling authors Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock have both endured the pain of waiting for the return of prodigal children. Yet even as they gave each situation into the hands of the Lord, they did not wait passively, succumbing to fear and despair. Instead they battled for their children in prayer, waiting expectantly for Almighty God to intervene. Now they tell the parents of prodigals how to pray their prodigals home, and how the experience can draw parents into the arms of their heavenly Father and strengthen their bonds of love.

  • God Be With Us (2001)
    In this time of crisis, God Be With Us offers comfort with the one thing we all have in common prayer. Daily meditations and relevant Scripture will help readers to pray for their families, communities, churches and armed forces. A portion of the profits will go to charities aiding victims of the terrorist attack.

  • Prayer Partnerships: The Power of Agreement (2001)
    God calls each of us to pray for certain individuals. We may not know until we get to heaven how important those prayers were, or what they accomplished. But Scripture does teach us that God places great importance on the act of intercessory prayer, and it assures us that tremendous power is released when we pray with fellow believers. In Prayer Partnerships, speakers, authors, and intercessors Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock explain how prayer partnerships help us and others.

  • Grandma, I Need Your Prayers (2002)
    Powerful stories and practical advice to motivate and equip grandmothers to pray consistently and strategically for the emotional, physical, and spiritual well being of their grandchildren, no matter how young or old.

  • The Beginner's Guide to Receiving the Holy Spirit (2002)
    Without the Holy Spirit, we cannot live the abundant life that Jesus promised us. The Beginner's Guide to Receiving the Holy Spirit will help you take the first step into a fuller Christian life. How can you personally experience God's Spirit? Must you speak in tongues? Who is the Holy Spirit anyway? Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock provide scriptural, anecdotal and historical evidence of God's desire for us to receive His Spirit-and practical advice on how to maintain lifelong spiritual vigor.

  • Becoming a Spirit-Led Mom: Finding God's Help When You Need It Most (2004)
    From the bestselling authors of How to Pray for Your Children and A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare (over 400,000 copies sold) comes a new book for mothers who long to look to the Lord for help in raising their children.

    Single moms, married moms, and stepmoms—working in or outside the home—will discover God’s grace, power, and strength for the daily parenting decisions they face in Becoming a Spirit–Led Mom.

    Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock—two very experienced moms—use examples from Scripture, prayers, and contemporary stories to offer words of help, encouragement and guidance in

    • mentoring young lives

    • disciplining with love

    • easing the pressures of life

    • praying for children

    • giving and receiving grace

  • Lord, I Need Your Healing Power: Securing God's Help in Sickness And Trials (2006)
    God is still in the healing business today. Healing was a trademark of Jesus’ earthly ministry, and nowhere does Scripture teach that divine healing ended with the New Testament church. Best-selling authors of numerous books, Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock challenge those who are sick and their friends, family, and caregivers to embrace the message in Lord, I Need Your Healing Power. This book is packed with contemporary testimonies of healing miracles and practical and scriptural principles that connect health and faith.

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