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Works by
Robin Bayne

  • From Now On (2004)
    Jason hasn't seen Cami in three years. Now she's back with the son he'd wanted to claim as his own. Can he believe her newly found faith or will she desert him, and God, again?

  • Cougar Lake (2003)
    Colt's just regained his memory after a boating accident which ended his career as a pilot. Now he wants to take over the family's inn, but he'll have to partner with his former love Tia to do that. Can she forgive him for what happened after the accident?

  • Charity's Prisoner (2001)
    Two people with secrets who don't want to get close enough to be found out, but their boss has other ideas.

  • His Brother's Child (2001)
    Braci Martin lands a coveted job redecorating the Lacey Mansion, and Kyle Lacey's protective presence is added compensation. This is the job that could make her career so that, unlike her mother, she never loses everything. She's already lost her faith. Kyle finds Braci charming, but he wants a wife who stays at home to care for family, oand one who puts her faith in God; not an aspiring career woman. But even if they resolve their differences, he still needs to tell Braci about Rebecca.... and the child.

  • The Artist's Granddaughter (2001) -- Winner of the 2002 American Christian Romance Writers Book of the Year Award!
    When Megan bids on her grandfather's final painting, the last thing she expects is to be outbid by Michael Kirk, her first love. She must keep the artwork in her family, but Michaeil claims to need it for his career. He also claims to want Megan back in his life--but does he want her, or the painting?
    Purchase from Mountain View Publishing

  • A Matter Of Life (2000)
    When Kimberly returns to Baltimore, the last thing she
    expects her former love Brandon to tell her is that she has a nine year old daughter.  How could he have kept their child a secret?

  • The Will of Time (1999)

  • Words to Write By (2008), Robin Bayne, compiler
    Join a variety of well-known authors as they share the Scripture or quotations they find inspiring to their writing. The devotionals they’ve
    contributed reflect all aspects of the writing life: basic motivation,rejection, publishing and succeeding. Spend some time with the writers you love and discover what words they write by.
    Purchase from Mountain View Publishing

See also:
  • Shifters: Tales of the Paranormal (2002) by Jane Toombs, Jennifer Dunne, Myra Nour, and Robin Bayne

  • Millennium Magic (2000, computer disc), Christine A. Gee, ed. with Diana Kirk, Jackie Kramer, Jane Bierce, Jane Toombs, Roberta Gellis, and Robin Bayne
    Possibilities abound when strangers meet and fall under the exciting spell of a new year's eve, but when it's the change of a new century as well as a new millennium, the possibilities are boundless.

    Finding true love brings fulfillment to lonely lives, bridges the limits of time and space, and even brings happiness to a ghost.

    In a glance. In a heartbeat. At the stroke of midnight. Anything can happen when Millennium Magic fills the air

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