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Thomas Sancton
[January 11, 1915 - ]

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Profile created March 16, 2008
  • Death of a Princess: The Investigation (1998) by Thomas Sancton and Scott MacLeod
    Few of us will ever forget the shocking news of August 31, 1997--Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, had died in a high-speed car crash at the young age of 36. Reports soon confirmed that she and her lover Dodi Fayed were the unlucky victims of a tragic accident. But what really happened on the Paris streets that fateful evening? TIME magazine reporters Thomas Sancton and Scott MacLeod, exhaustively researched the infamous story, and what they unearthed will shock and amaze you. The authors set out to answer these and many other questions:

    • What could EMS workers could have done differently to save Diana?

    • What was Dodi and Diana's relationship at the time of the crash -- were they getting engaged that night? Was Diana pregnant?

    • How was drunken "stand-in" chauffeur Henri Paul allowed to drive the Princess of Wales to her untimely death?

    • What did Dodi and Diana's do in their final hours together?

    • What is the startling assassination theory linking the British government to Diana's death?

    The tranquility of her final resting place contrasted with the tempest of rumors, myths, and interrogations that swirled up in the wake of her death. Even before her body was laid in the ground, word began to spread that she had been pregnant at the time of her death. Under normal circumstances, that would have been a purely private matter--an additional cause for sadness if true, pointless and idle gossip if not. But the violent death of the Princess of Wales was not a normal event. And the question of whether or not she was pregnant is potentially one of the most explosive elements in the investigation, because a pregnancy would give greater credence to the assassination plot theories that began in the Middle East and soon proliferated around the globe.

  • The Hong Kong Agreement (1984)

  • Little Korea, U.S.A.: Two AFL unions were locked in a long and bitter strike in Elizabeth, Louisiana, a throwback to the violence-studded days of 19th ... verbatim report from the New Orleans Item (1954)

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