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Works by
William Maltese
(aka Adriana DeBolt, Anna Lambert, Billy Lambert, Christopher Dane, Karl Klyne, L. Linehan, W. Lambert III, Willa Lambert)

Writing as Adam Hayes
Writing as Adriana DeBolt (Science Fiction)
Writing as Anna Lambert (Romance)
Writing as Billy Lambert
  • Dog On a Surfboard (and the rest of the adventure)  (2003)
    Irish terrier Kamehameha enjoys his laid-back life of surfing the waves with his human companion, Jeffrey Hyves. But circumstances literally sweep the dog into adventures of even greater magnitude. A whirlwind journey that introduces him to such animal exotics as spider monkeys Georgie and Juliet, twin jaguar kittens Jack and Jock, giant anaconda Hugh Huge, eagle Helen Harpy, reptile Kerry Caiman, blood-sucking bat Victor Vampire, and rapacious shark Walter White. Ages 9-12

Writing as Bryant Tyler
  • Shaft (1979)
    Reprinted as Deep Load (1983) by William Maltese writing as Rick Taylor

Writing as Chad Stuart
  • K-YMCA (1979)
    Reprinted as "YM" Weekend (1985) by William Maltese writing as Norm Peters

  • Greek Row (1978)
    Reprinted as Making The Team (1983) by William Maltese writing as Stu Chadwick

  • The Presidential Affair (1975)
    Reprinted as The President's Men (1975) by William Maltese writing as Scott Weyburn

  • E-Mission (1974)
    Reprinted as Ty's Mission (1984) by William Maltese writing as Mitch Stone

  • Making the Jocks (1973)

  • The Erection (1972)

Writing as Christopher Dane (Science Fiction)
  • Riders of the Dragon (1981)

  • The Galactic Arena (1981)
    The evil Myra Morgana, with powers beyond mere human comprehension, sat easily at the Primary Seat - much like a throne - to watch the bloody battle with impassive eyes. Tyrone of the planet Thear fought with few modern weapons, but fought well, for his cause. But the animal-like alien Quorulu-Mi, terrifying in appearance to any mortal human, fought only with his deadly claws. Who would win the to-the-death struggle; who would win life?

Writing as Cort Forbes
  • Young Cruisers (1997)
    "Been there. Done that. And no one better and more realistically chronicles the after-dark park scene than Mr. Forbes does. This book a must read for any of us who ever dared risk it all in parkland darkness." -- Raymond Lange

  • Enlisted Man (1979)
    Reprint of G.I. Jock (1982) by William Maltese writing as Mark Richards

Writing as Don Baxter
Writing as Doug Mason
  • Daddy's Big Boy (1983)
    Reprint of Stocks And Bonds by William Maltese writing as Kyle Reich.

  • Hard at Work (1983)

  • Pumping Jocks (1983)
    Reprint of The Sweat Game by William Maltese writing as Lambert Wilhelm

Writing as Karl Klyne (Science Fiction)
Writing as Kyle Reich
  • Black Sun (1978)
    Reprinted as Island Meat (1982) by William Maltese writing as Don Baxter

  • Stocks And Bonds (1978)
    Reprint of Daddy's Big Boy by William Maltese writing as Doug Mason

Writing as L. Linehan
Writing as Lambert Wilhelm (Erotica, Adventure)
Writing as Mark Richards
Writing as Mike Woodward
  • Brothers All The Way (1983)
    Reprint of Two Brothers by William Lambert writing as Lambert Wilhelm

Writing as Mitch Stone
Writing as Norm Peters
  • "YM" Weekend (1985)
    Reprint of K-YMCA by William Maltese writing as Chad Stuart.

Writing as Raymond Lange
  • The Boys Of Thira (1978)
    Reprinted as Hot Greek Summer (1982) by William Maltese writing as Adam Hayes

Writing as Rick Taylor
Writing as Scott Weyburn
  • The President's Men (1975)
    Reprint of The Presidential Affair by William Maltese writing as Chad Stuart

Writing as Stu Chadwick
Writing as W. Lambert III (Science Fiction)
  • The Brentridge Gold: The Pleiades Portals Series (2002)
    The Brentridges are wealthy and influential New Mexico Territory landowners. There status purportedly purchased by seemingly inexhaustible capital provided by there reputed Deadmen Hills' gold mine. It only human nature that others would like to share in such bounty. That these others have to die has less to do with keeping the "mine" location a secret than with concealing other mysteries bequeathed by the long-lived and elusive native-American shaman Queequeega. Secrets even the Brentridges can likely never fully comprehend.

  • Encores in Fade (1981)

  • Michael The Master (1981)

Writing as Willa Lambert (Romance)
  • Viper's Nest Intrigue (1994)
    There is big trouble at The Facility, a scientific research center in the Australian Outback specializing in snake toxin research. The four dead rats are only the beginning. Someone has stolen a vial of deadly snake venom, and they are using it to murder people at The Facility. A raging desert storm has cut off the outside communication, and the main characters must race against time through the forbidding desert to alert authorities. But evil forces attempting to gain control of the research are in hot pursuit with murder on their minds.

  • Moon-Stone Intrigue (1988)

  • Emerald-Silk Intrigue (1987)

  • Jungle-Quest Intrigue (1987)
    The Amazon Basin, where life and death exist side by side in a landscape both beautiful and dangerous, where life is often but a thin faade concealing perpetual death and deep decay, where man is so close to his dark and primitive beginnings that he can feel it breathing down the back of his neck. Here is where Laura and Kurt have come to begin their journey to solve the mystery of why and how both their fathers disappeared while on an important expedition. Without warning, their journey of rescue turns into one of stark survival.   

  • Love's Emerald Flame (1987)
    Book  Audio
    A simple job became a deadly jungle trek. To Diana Green, reporter, it seemed easy: go to Machu Picchu, snap a few pictures, take notes, then return. Thousands of tourists did it every year. But the remote Incan ruins attracted more than just sightseers. Handsome, rugged Sloane Hendriks was no tourist - he was on a hazardous jungle mission, and Diana found herself a pawn in his deadly game.

    Stalked by a killer jaguar, Diana learned to live with jungle danger - but nothing could teach her to cope with the dangerous attraction of the determined driven Sloane. 

  • Love's Golden Spell (1983)

  • From This Beloved Hour (1982)
    Book  Audio
    Two men of the desert vied for her love-only one could win her. 

Writing as William Maltese
Adventure Novels
  • Dare to Love in Oz (2009)
    Romance and adventure collide in Australia's exotic outback as a deadly storm and a deadly killer wreak havoc on the occupants of of an isolated toxicoloy lab cut off from immediate respite or rescue.

  • SS & M: Being Excerpts from the Nazi Death-Head Files (2007)

    Jews, like Marta and Megan, know them.


    Nazis, like SS Colonel Saber and Major Sonnenburg, want to know them, have to know them, see not knowing them as a threat to the purity of the Aryan nation.


    That Jews like Melissa ("M") haven't got a clue makes no difference at all to Nazi Captain Stahlhelm, who thinks she does.

    There's a plague loose within civilized society that needs to be ferreted out and destroyed. Anyone who stands in the way of the Final Solution will be eliminated-with prejudice!


  • The Gomorrha Conjurations (2006)
    Maltese, who has written the whole gamut of genres, provides his readers, in his The Gomorrha Conjurations, with a rip-roaring adventure plot line just as intricate as he conceived in his plot-lead Beyond Machu and Thai Died, although this time, he expands his audience base to include straights, gays, and bisexuals; one of the latter combined into a fascinating and complicated protagonist part secret agent, college student, assassin, and psychopath. Unlike in Thai Died, Maltese manages to keep the kinky sex off-stage, in this one, even a key S&M scene comparatively low-key and sans Maltese's trademark graphic blow-by-blows.

  • SS Mann Hunt (2002)
    Brad Lexly and Kurt Mann, childhood friends and lovers, rekindle their previous and passionate relationship but know its success, beyond the isolating South American jungle environment, depends upon an acceptable explanation for Sebastian Mann's disappearance. More dangerous people than they seek an answer to that same question and also provide definite possibilities for this expedition ending up just as swallowed by the menacing environment as the doomed expedition gone before it.

Contemporary Novels
  • Tusks (2008)
    Richard Westover wonders if his fantasy lover, Christopher Van Hoon, standing beneath a South African blue-gum tree, the sun in his gleaming hair and golden eyes, has finally returned to Richard's life. Having first experienced Christopher's laugh, touch, and kiss in innocence, Richard is now twenty-nine, not thirteen, and far from innocent. Christopher has changed too - possibly having become as unscrupulous a profiteer as the Van Hoon patriarch. Back in South Africa, as a journalist, Richard secretly longs to have it proved wrong that Christopher's mining empire detrimentally threatens the already dwindling native wildlife; more so, though, he longs to rediscover his lost and one true love. From the author of Goldsands!

  • Goldsands (2007)
    They were as different as sun and moon... Gil Goldsands believed he could handle any complications that might arise on his archaeological assignment in Egypt. But he hadn't anticipated the two dynamic men who would pursue him from the moment he arrived. Powerful Sheikh Abdul Jerada - darkly handsome, openly passionate - clearly wanting Sand's love. Peter Donas - elusive and as seductive as the desert; his kisses and touch as fiery and consuming as the hot Saharan sun - wanting? Goldsands wasn't quite sure!

  • Beyond Machu (2006)
    Take an exotic trip to the Incan city of Machu Picchu—and beyond—to discover romance and adventure!
    Enter a jungle of passion, greed, and danger. Take a wild trip Beyond Machu and discover high adventure, hot sex, and true love! Two gay men must gather their strength and courage to travel to the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu, dodging bullets, unsavory villains, and even jaguars—in search of lost ruins and hidden treasure. This thrilling romance gallops from the hotels of Lima, Peru to the exotic once-lost city, and then beyond into the impenetrable South American jungle rife with perils. Will our heroes get out alive? Will they ever find true love together?

    Dan Green, investigative reporter to his very soul, finds himself shunted off on what he thinks is a simple travel piece for his newspaper—all because his overprotective and highly influential mother fears for his safety. Through a chance meeting with the handsome and incredibly sexy Sloane Hendriks, he is yanked from his comfortable surroundings into the jungles of Peru—and to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. Whenever Dan thinks he’s seen the last of the irrepressible Sloane, the hunk reappears, beguiling and irresistible. Sloane is a man whose past holds more than a few dark secrets, yet he enflames Dan’s passion beyond all reason. And through it all Dan smells a newspaper story here, in the rampant exploitation of illicit archeological finds by shady characters. He knows he cannot let the opportunity pass. Soon he discovers just how dangerous a healthy curiosity can actually be.

    Sloane was trying to grab the blade-blown sling when Dan finally reached him to capture the lifeline and pass it over. Sloane attached it to Eduardo who (thank God!) was passed out and unaware of the pain that the none-too-gentle maneuver would have otherwise caused him.

    "Let’s get the hell out of here!" Sloane stepped back and waved the chopper winch into operation. The connecting cable went taut, and Eduardo’s limp body lifted. "You’re next, Dan!"

    A ladder unexpectedly dropped from the helicopter door. A man appeared, waved frantically, and pointed. Dan and Sloane looked where he directed. Surprisingly almost upon them, confidently following the trail of Eduardo’s splattered blood, the giant jaguar had them in sight.

    What does Sloane’s past have to do with an expedition into the perilous jungle? Is Sloane somehow furtively involved in a search for gems? Who is the mysterious Eduardo Jacos, and what is his connection to priceless artifacts from the ancient city’s ruins? For a thrilling ride of romance, sex, and high adventure, read Beyond Machu and have the time of your life!

  • Slovakian Boy (2004)
    Unabashedly borrowing from the literary precedents set by John Guare's Six Degrees of Separation and Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon, Slovakian Boy is a kaleidoscopic account of handsome young Pavel as seen through the eyes of interested - sometimes too interested - parties of family, friends, and fans. William Maltese's narrative of a boy's determined reinvention of himself as a porn god is a sexy romp through a rarely explored realm.

  • When Summer Comes (2001)
    Maltese goes bicoastal in this sexy novel of one studly hitchhiker who's making his way from Florida toward inadvertent hook-up with each of three surfing buddies unknowingly awaiting him on the sunny beaches of southern California. WHEN SUMMER COMES, a nice change of pace from the author's popular short stories, is a sure-fire surfer-boy classic.

  • Diary of a Hustler (1997) with Joey
    The shocking account of the sleazy underbelly of Los Angeles comes hot from the mouth of an 18-year-old male prostitute. Joeys frank and full-on diary reveals even more than you might have thought you ever wanted to know about what the tricks ask for -- and just how Joey gives it to them! Day by day, the truth about this young hustlers life-style is revealed, and you get to know the kid and human heart that exist just beneath Joeys professional street-wise facade.

  • Slaves (1997) with with Alex von Mann
    As only world-traveler William Maltese can so well do, he this time takes his reader into the exotic and steamily sexy landscape of contemporary Zanzibar. In so doing, he provides one hell of an adventure that comes (in more ways than one) filled to the brim not only with rough sex but with meaningful insight into how this isolated locale's present (and future) is still influenced by those forever dark aspects of this island nation's infamous slave-trade past.

  • Ardennian Boy (2007) with Professor Drewey Wayne Gunn
    Ardennian Boy, from coauthors William Maltese and Drewey Wayne Gunn, is historical romance and literary erotica blended into one masterful novel. Maltese's sensuous prose retells the tumultuous love affair between poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine, while Gunn's lyrical translations of their bawdy gay poems, woven naturally into the fabric of the story, enlighten even as they arouse. Together, the two authors bring this singular love story brilliantly to life. Arthur Rimbaud is an untamed teenage savage from the French provinces, randy and ready to try any and everything, convinced that a life of unbridled excess is the true pathway to great poetry. Rimbaud's creative outburst is consumed in the decadence of his lifestyle by the time he is barely out of his teens, but not before he has established himself as one of history's greatest poets, hailed today as one of the fathers of the French "symbolist" movement - and not before he has nurtured Paul Verlaine from a passable poet into a great one. Paul Verlaine is a henpecked, closeted and probably bisexual husband who is trapped in an undesirable marriage, and totally unprepared for the whirlwind that engulfs him when Rimbaud appears in his life. In the end, Verlaine too defies the conventions of his day, and though he finds himself ultimately reviled by polite society for his incendiary relationship with the younger poet, Verlaine emerges from it not only a great poet in his own right, but a major figure in French literature. In tracing their gay heritage through some of the most influential men of letters and of politics from his day back to ancient Greece, he becomes one of the proponents of gay historical studies. Often condemned for the frankness of their relationship, these two men stand today alongside Whitman and Wilde as literary pioneers in the struggle for gay rights in the 19th century. Maltese and Gunn have captured that frankness with unprecedented exuberance.

Draqual Vampire Chronicles
  • Sucks! Book #1 of The Draqual Vampyre Chronicles (2008)
    A one-thousand year old, handsome, and sexy vampyre's much-in-demand blood-splattered fashion-line is strutted by blood-splattered models on blood-splattered runways in the blood-splattered abattoirs, slaughter houses, and butcher shops of the world ... as his own blood-line makes Vladymyr Draqual beloved and hated by the most powerful members of his kind.

"One-Hand Reads"
  • Anal Cousins (2007)
    Carolyne's parents are determined to go to any length to assure her virginity at marriage, and so they recruit two cousins for sexual explorations that will leave less evidence behind. Adam, his hormones raging, willingly allows himself to be seduced by a cousin who is already jaded by normal sex and needs something more from the men in her life.

    A gang-raped young woman turns to her trusted cousin and unorthodox sex to combat the trauma of gang-rape, unwanted pregnancy, and abortion.

    Two men, though cousins, dabble in mutual-attraction and forbidden love.

  • circuSex (2004)

    Jaded? Bored? Looking for something exotic and different?

    How about a look-see at dwarf Jeremy Small's "Mr. Not-So-Small"? How about the loving embrace of the "Tarantula Man" with his two extra arms and his three extra eyes, none of the latter seeing anything? Or, might you prefer a liaison with "Dog Boy", or with the "Bearded Lady", or with the "Human Cannon Ball"...?

    All of the above are available, but not on the cheap. Money, often lots of it, is what gets you access to after-hours special acts performed by those otherwise removed from the spotlights by do-gooders who successfully black-tar circus sideshows as immoral and inhumane. No matter that sideshows provided so many "special people" for so long with decent livelihoods for themselves and for their families.

    Or, might you prefer doing "it" on an elephant, or between the humps of a camel, or in a tiger's cage, or even hanging from the high trapeze, accompanied by Circus Six's center-ring stars available for fun and games -- if you've the hard cash (and hard whatever) needed to join them?

    Darrrel Winestein, the "Tattooed Man", is no longer available for extracurricular bookings -- for reasons detailed in circuSex.

  • A Conspiracy of Ravens (2003)

    Inside the grounds of the infamous Tower of London.

    Patrick whose Irish lover, Ian, was killed by an English homicidal butcher behind the wheel of a speeding car.

    Tad whose American parents have sent their erring son to live with Brit relatives, one of whom is a Tower yeoman.

    Six Tower Ravens, the subjects of legend that predicts—they gone, the British Empire soon to follow.

    A man and five Tower Ravens murdered. One man determined to see the sixth bird dead, no matter the consequences.

  • Dare to Love in Oz (2009)
    Romance and adventure collide in Australia's exotic outback as a deadly storm and a deadly killer wreak havoc on the occupants of of an isolated toxicoloy lab cut off from immediate respite or rescue.

  • Heart on Fire (2007)
    First, there was the devastating holocaust that gutted Seattle's Marine World and made extensive renovations to that facility necessary. Then, Janine decided to advantage of her unscheduled hiatus to join the staff researching and monitoring the renewed volcanic activity on Mt. St. Helens.

    Even more heat flared when Janine suddenly developed a romantic relationship with the handsome and brilliant geologist, Chad Samuels.

    But when the mountain explodes, seemingly bent upon the annihilation of everyone and everything within striking distance, only a heart on fire can save her love!

Science Fiction
  • Bond-Shattering (2005)
    William Maltese finally returns to sci-fi -- the genre that started it all for him, in 1970, with publication of his Five Roads to Tlen and follow-up The Gods of Tlen. If his delighted and eager fans were momentarily satisfied with the several additional sci-fi/fantasy novels with which he provided them, in the early eighties, published under one pseudo or another (The Last Galaxy Game and Jason and the Astronauts immediately come to mind), they have still had to wait over two decades for him to come full circle. And, he doesn't disappoint, despite his having taken so long to get here. In fact, passing time has obviously honed his writing skills and his ability to provide this thoroughly complex and fascinating plot-line with its same air of been-there, done-that, got-the-T-shirt, as far as alien worlds, that's made Maltese renown throughout his illustrious career of writing Earth-bound popular contemporary fiction. It being with extreme pleasure that nightwares Books is able to present this long awaited Maltese tour-de-force of a sci-fi novel that projects his readers into the midst of a sensuous, erotic, and deadly universe of haves and have-nots, of warriors and barbarians, of planets destroyed, subjugated, ruled, misruled, even harvested/mined for the valuable aphrodisiac essence Orchinid.

Short Stories
  • Love Hurts (2007)
    DARE TO ENTER?! There are some places that shouldn't be entered...especially when alone...especially without invitation. So, let internationally best-selling author WILLIAM MALTESE invite you to join him in this exploration of the S&M/B&D landscape wherein man/man love is expressed in chains, whips, handcuffs, ropes, leather, rubber, gags, hoods, paddles, pinchers, slings...and where sounds of passion are, more often than not, more terrifying than the screams of your worst nightmares. No stranger to the subject matter, MALTESE (usually writing as Lambert Wilhelm) has written over twenty-five novels on the theme. This collection of his short stories is pretty much guaranteed to shock and arouse you.

  • When Summer Comes (2001)
    William Maltese’s novel, When Summer Comes, is a prime example of more being even better than less. Less, in this case, referring to Maltese’s absolutely exquisite and extraordinary turn-on gay short stories that, collected in his books California Creamin' and Summer Sweat, have literally jumped off the bookstore shelves. Where Maltese’s short stories forever have us wishing they would last longer, he has, this time around, performed the miracle of giving us 289 pages of run-on, fun-in-the-sun sex ... sex ... sex, and still leaves us wanting more ... more ... more. When Summer Comes comes complete with all of the characters so well-delineated in Maltese’s shorter stories -- the hustlers and studs, the surfers and sunbathers, the movie stars and the television producer, the cowboy and Indian, the horny over-sexed teenagers and the traveling salesmen, the voyeurs and fetishists, the rich and the beautiful, the gay, the gayer, the gayest -- deliciously fleshed out, along with an expanded plot-line, in this longer, bigger, grander format. From the beaches of sunny Florida, where young hustler Jason Summer decides to head west for the sunny beaches of California ... to those bleach-bone white west-coast stretches of sand whereon one group of promiscuous teenager surfers enjoy its final year of high school ... Maltese keeps us caught up in this sexy sensual romp that’s written in the very best erotic tradition.

  • Summer Sweat (1999)
    A short-story collection by way of worthy follow-up to Maltese's inaugural runaway bestseller CALIFORNIA CREAMIN'. More stories about cops, hustlers, fetishists, Indians, Latino studs. All of those "Maltese" beautiful young men delivered up for delectable eating ... rather, reading ... as only this author is capable of doing.

  • California Creamin' (1998)
    They're all here. The hustler. The cowboy. The gas jockey. The collegiate fencer. The porno star. And all the rest who made the sold-out first edition of these erotic Maltese short stories a collector's item. Back by popular demand, in all their rutting splendor, courtesy of a Prowler Book's rare-indeed-in-this-business second printing.

Stud Draqual Mystery Series
  • Thai Died: A Stud (2003)
    Three years in the writing, THAI DIED is the long-anticipated Book 2 of Maltese's popular Stud Draqual Mystery Series. Not only is the series' protagonist (CEO of Draqual Fashions and much-in-demand haute-couture designer of women's silk underwear) herein uprooted from NYC and plopped down in erotic/exotic Bangkok on a business trip, but he's unavoidably sucked into Bangkok's infamous underworld. Can Stud stay afloat in this cesspool rife with machinations that embroil not only business and social elite but also key players from Thailand's sexually charged underbelly? The author's intimate knowledge of the environment and subject matter resonates from every page.

  • A Slip to Die For (1999)
    Not only is Stud Draqual the CEO of Draqual Fashions, and a much-in-demand New York City haute-couture fashion designer of ladies' silk underwear, but he's this series' handsome, rich, and well-connected protagonist. In A SLIP TO DIE FOR, Book 1, sexually ambiguous Stud finds himself running a gauntlet made perilous by three men murdered in Draqual-silk lingerie, misdeeds on Wall Street and within the NYC book-publishing industry, as well as sinister Mafia involvement ... all amid cascading sexuality.

See also
  • Foreign Boys (2007) by Ally Blue, Laura Baumbach, and William Maltese
    Amazon Kindle Edition or purchase through Aspen Mountain Press.
    Three stories by award winning authors of GBLT literature featuring hustlers.  Be prepared to travel from Spain for William Maltese's Wayne in Spain to St. Ann; where Ally Blue shares a bit of That Voodoo; and the far reaches of northern Canada as Laura Baumbach reveals in Dark Side of the Moon that being a gay vampire has a few drawbacks.

  • Scared Stiff (2007)
    A eclectic mix of inspired stories from best-selling authors Josh Lanyon, Laura Baumbach, Sarah Black, and William Maltese. Scared Stiff offers four very different tales of m/m ghostly doings that'll have readers panting (in more ways than one) under the covers.

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