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Metaphysics/New Age

Sites on this page are related to the subject matter of this page or contain links to other sites offering additional  information.

Websites About Metaphysics

  • Church of Fools
    This UK web-based, 3D church, is an attempt to create holy ground on the net, where people can worship, pray and talk about faith.  The church is partly intended for people on the edges (and beyond them) of faith, so please be aware that the language and behavior in church is often colorful and occasionally offensive. Church of Fools is currently not suitable for children.

  • Global Psychics
    InSights explores natural, holistic ways of creating a magical life, seeking joyful, mindful, willing, loving actions and to provoke, activate, and NOTICE miracles.

  • Interfaith Voices
    A communications network for faith-based activist groups that provides a variety of ways that representatives from these groups can interact with one another in the search for a common peace and justice agenda. We believe that the fundamental principles of most religions have much in common, and that these principles can provide a foundation for enlightened social action.

  • Network 2012
    An international communications hub for linking up Light Workers around the world.

  • New Age Journal
    This new age site also hosts Emerging Souls, New Age Journal Books, New Age Travel, and New Age World Music.

  • Spirit Heart Sanctuary
    "Spirit Heart Sanctuary is dedicated to holding and expanding awareness of Divine Presence on and in the earth. To accomplish this we endeavor to deepen individual and collective relationship with spirit heart. Our individual spirit heart is the subtle spiritual or etheric counterpart of our physical heart, and the latter forms a point of interface in the human experience with collective and universal spirit heart."

  • The Chopra Center
    Deepak Chopra online!

  • The Experiment
    The Akademe is the online school for the Inner Teachers who have given us the book, The Experiment: An Exploration of Perception and Focus, a Primer.
    "For those of you who haven't read The Experiment: An Exploration of Perception and Focus, a Primer (by Ketherin Michaels and Corvus Night, the Concept Pool is a pool of thoughts, ideas and images. The teachers in The Experiment describe their work as a series of strolls around this pool. Teachers and students meet here to explore and discuss various ideas.
       If you have a DSL or cable modem, please check our new site, www.greybear.info
       It contains recordings of sessions from the notebooks of
    Ketherin Michaels, introductions to the Akademe and the lessons and an extended color experiment that explores light, color and color theory. The color experiment reveals how our perception of color helps us understand our connection with the Source of our being.
       This page will be updated from time to time with exercises, new ideas, images and material that may not have been included in the book. If you have questions about any aspect of The Experiment, go to the contact page and email us. We want to hear from you about your own experiences at the "concept pool."


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