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Works by
John Wieners
[January 6, 1934 March 1, 2002]

Profile created April 2, 2008
  • A Book of Prophecies (2007), Michael Carr, ed.
    A notebook.

  • Cultural Affairs in Boston: Poetry and Prose 1956-1985 (1988)
    Black Mountain don Robert Creeley wrote of his contemporary John Wieners, "there is no one for whom that city [Boston], or any other, has proved so determining and generative an experience." In Cultural Affairs in Boston, Wieners writes as a man imbued with the spirit of the City upon a Hill, but also with all that is antithetical to Winthrop's town: Wieners recounts dalliances with men behind night-ensconced park statues; jaunts to New York City and elsewhere with fellow libertines; and, of course, drugs ("Our faces show the strain / at 30. Hah, 30! we'll never see again / why heroin redeems us.").

    Still, this collection is notable for the way in which poet and place are both intertwined and brought into stunning focus for the reader, no matter how unfamiliar with Boston or temperate the reader be. As Creeley continues, "nor do these poems, any of them, seem ever some place else . . . they're here, as we are."

    Gifted and neglected, John Wieners bedazzled all who encountered his work, and this particular work, putting Wieners into his beloved context, is bound to win over the unacquainted.

  • Superficial Estimation (1986)
    Prose memoir of the author's famed associates.

See also:
  • Angel Hair Sleeps with a Boy in My Head: The Angel Hair Anthology (2001), Anne Waldman, Bill Berkson, and Ron Padgett, eds.
    From the nascent St. Mark's Poetry Project on the Lower East Side of Manhattan to Bolinas and Boulder, Angel Hair published an idiosyncratic cross-section of innovative writing in distinctive format, becoming one of the longest-lived and most influential publishers on the small press scene. The anthology of literary writings is supplemented with brief memoirs by more than twenty writers, and the book also includes an annotated checklist by Aaron Fischer and Steven Clay that comprises a citation and photograph of each of the approximately eighty books, magazines, broadsides and catalogues issued by the Press.

    Includes works by Alice Notley, Bernadette Mayer, Clark Coolidge, Hannah Weiner, Joanne Kyger, Joe Brainard,
    John Wieners, Kenward Elmslie, Lewis Warsh, Lorenzo Thomas, Robert Creeley, Tom Clark, and Tom Greenwald.

  • The Blind See Only This World: Poems for John Wieners (2000), Joseph Torra, Michael Gizzi, and William Corbett, eds.
    Anthology and tribute.

  • Mirage No. 1 (1985), Kevin Killian, ed.
    "John Wieners Issue"

  • What Happened to the Mind of John Wieners? (1975) by Charley Shively

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