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  • Adult
    Adult & Erotica, Leathersex
  • Arts/Artists (See also topic list at Arts and Artists Community)
    Architecture, Art History, Art Therapy, Arts & Crafts, Comics / Comic Books, Creativity, Illustratos, Photography, Visual Arts
  • Business/Finance
    Advertising, Careers, Economics, Finances, Investing, Marketing, Money, Motivational, Public Relations, Real Estate, Self-Help/Self Improvement, Taxes and Taxation
  • Communities
    Arts, Disability, General, GayLesBi, Literary, Recovery, Seniors, Spirit-Guided, Transgender
  • Cultural Themes
    African American Experience, Anthropology, Asian American Experience, Chinese American Experience, Civil Rights, Hip Hop, Islamic American Experience, Japanese American Experience, Latin American Experience, Mexican American Experience, Native American Experience, Sociology
  • Disability Issues (See also topic list at Disability Community)
    Assisted Living, Neuroscience, Special Needs Issues, Special Olympics
  • Diet/Food/Beverage
    Beverages, Cooking, Cookbooks, Desserts, Diets and Dieting, Food/Culinary, Love
  • Disease
    AIDS/HIV, AIDS-Related Passages, Aging, Alzheimer’s Disease, Anorexia Nervosa, Attention Disorders (ADD, ADHD), Cancer, Cholera, Death, Depression, Down Syndrome, Lupus, Manic Depression/Bipolar Disorder, Medicine, Neuroscience, Obesity, Plant Medicines, Scoliosis, Smoking Issues, Suicide, Tourette's Syndrome
    , Transitioned
  • Fashion/Grooming
    Clothing, Fashion, Grooming
  • GayLesBi Issues
    AIDS/HIV Issues, AIDS-Related Passages , Bisexual and Bisexuality Issues, Coming Out of the Closet, Creativity, Homophobia
  • Health/Medical
    Abortion, AIDS/HIV, AIDS-Related Passages, Alternative Health, Alternative Medicine, Anorexia Nervosa, Bioenergy, Cancer, Death, Depression, Disability Issues, Fitness/Exercise, Foster Care, Gaia, Genetics, Health, Health Care, Inspirational, Immortality, Love, Manic Depression/Bipolar Disorder, Medicine, Neuroscience, Nurses/Nursing, Plant Medicine, Pregnancy, Psychology & Mental Health, Self Help/Imp, Suicide, Trance Dance, Transitioned, Yoga
  • History/Military/Politics
    9/1, Civil Rights, Gun Control, History, Military, Military Drafts, Military-Industrial Complex, Politics, Stonewall Rebellion, U.S. Presidents, Vietnam, Voting, War Games
  • Literary (See also topic list at Literary Community)
    Autobiographies, Biographies, Bloggers (On site), Books (Banned, Best Selling, Books Turned Into Movies/Plays), Children's Books, Comics / Comic Books, Coming Out, Cookbooks, Creativity, Illustrators, Journalism, Fiction and Literature
    Aviation Fiction, Christian Fiction, Crime Fiction, Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Fiction Anthologies, Folk Tales, Graphic Novels, Historical Fiction, Horror, Maritime Fiction, Medical Fiction, Military Fiction, Mysteries/Thrillers, Nautical Fiction, Political Fiction, Politicians Who Write Fiction, Pulp Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction, Victorian Fiction, Westerns

    Humor , Illustrators, Journalism, Language and Linguistics, Literary Criticism, Memoirs, Myths & Mythology, Nonfiction, Nonfiction Anthologies, Playwrights, Poets & Poetry, Publishers, Publishing, Publishing Resources, Reference, Small Press, Technical Writing, True Crime, Vampires, Writers & Writing (Canadian Writers, New York Writers, New Zealand Writers, North Carolina Writers), Young Adult

  • Mental Health
    Alternative Health, Alternative Medicine, Anthropology, Art Therapy, Attention Disorders (ADD, ADHD), Bioenergy, Bisexual and Bisexuality Issues, Bodywork, Cognitive Therapy, Creativity, Death, Dreams & Dreaming, Fitness/Exercise, Homophobia, Lists, Love, Massage, Medicine, Meditation, Motivational, Neuroscience, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Plant Medicine, Process-Oriented Psychology, Psychology & Mental Health, Sex & Sexuality, Sex Instruction, Sociology, Suicide, Trance Dance, Transpersonal Psychology, Yoga
  • Music
    Creativity, Hip Hop, Music & Musicians, Recording Artists
  • Recovery Issues (See also topic list at Recovery Community)
    Addiction, Death, Lesbian & Gay AA Meetings, Love, Plant Medicines, Recovery  Programs, Young Adult Recovery, Recovery Community, X-AA
  • Recreation
    Adventure, Aviation, Boating, Cars (Automobiles), Collectibles, Comics / Comic Books, Creativity, Entertaining, Games, Puzzles and Toys, Hobbies, Home Design, Home Improvement, Homes & Gardens, Motorcycles, Outdoors & Nature, Pets, Sports, Trance Dance, Yoga
  • Relationships
    Adoption, Anthropology, Art Therapy, Babies, Bisexual and Bisexuality Issues, Bodywork, Divorce, Foster Care, Genealogy, Homophobia, Love, Marriage, Massage, Families Parenting, Pets (Cats, Dogs, Birds), Polyamory, Polygamy, Pregnancy, Relationships, Sex & Sexuality, Sex Instruction, Sociology
  • Retirement (See also Seniors Community)
    Aging, Assisted Living, Baby Boomers, Careers, Retirement, Special Needs Issues
  • Science & Technical
    Anthropology, Artificial Intelligence, Astronomy, Bioenergy, Computers, Cosmology, Creativity, Education, Engineering, Environment, Evolution, Genetics, Internet, Language/Linguistics, Law, Mathematics, Meditation, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Physics, Plant Medicines, Professional & Technical, Psychology & Mental Health, Quantum Physics, Science, Shamanism, Sociology, Technical Writing, Time Travel
  • Seniors (See also topic list at Senior Community)
    Aging, Assisted Living, Baby Boomers, Careers, Death, Immortality, Love, Retirement, Sex & Sexuality, Sex Instruction, Special Needs Issues, Yoga
  • Spiritual (See also topic list at Spirit-Guided Community)
    2012, A Course In Miracles, Agnosticism, Alien Abduction, Angels, Animism,  Anthropology, Art Therapy, Assyrian, Astrology, Atheism, Bahá'í, Bioenergy, Buddhism, Cao Dai, Chakras, Christianity (Christianity includes Baptist, Catholicism, Christian Fundamentalism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Episcopalism,  Jehovah's Witness, Lutheran, Mormonism, Oriental Orthodox, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Unitarian, United Methodist, Universalist, and others) , Creativity, Cults, Death, Diasporic, Divination, Dreams & Dreaming, Drumming, Entheogens, Environment, Extraterrestrials (ETs), Gaia, Genetics, Hinduism, Immortality, Inspirational, Islamism, Jainism, Juche, Judaism, Law of Attraction, Leathersex, Love, Meditation, Metaphysics, Mother Earth, Motivational, Neuroscience, New Age, Occultism, Paganism, Philosophy, Plant Medicines, Psychic Research, Psychology & Mental Health, Myths & Mythology, Outer Body Experiences, Plant Medicines, Quantum Physics, Parapsychology, Rastafarianism, Religion, Scientology, Self-Help/Improvement, Shamanism, Shinto, Sikhism, Spiritism, Spirituality, Suicide, Taoism, Tenrikyo, The Soul, Time Travel, Trance Dance, Transcendental Meditation®, Transitioned, UFOs, Unification Church,  Vodun/Voodoo, What the #$*! Do We Know?!, Wicca, Witches & Witchcraft, Yoga, Zoroastrianism
  • Sports
    Archery, Auto Racing, Aviation, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Billiards, Boating, Bocce, Bowling, Boxing, Cheerleading, Combat Sports, Cricket, Croquet, Cycling, Darts, Dog Racing, Equestrian, Extreme Sports, Fencing, Figure Skating, Fishing, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, Horse Racing, Hunting, Jai Alai, Jogging, Kabbadi, Lacrosse, Martial Arts, Motorcycle Racing, Motorsports, Olympics and International Competitions, Racquet Sports, Rodeo, Rugby, Running, Skateboarding, Skiing, Soccer, Softball Sporting Goods, Squash, Surfing, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball, Walking, Watersports, Wintersports, Women in Sports, Wrestling
  • Theater/Movies/TV
    Actors & Acting, Dancers & Dancing, Drama & Theater, Hollywood, Movies, Performance Art/Artists, Playwright, Television, Theater
  • Transgender Issues (See also topic list at Transgender Community)
    Transgender Issues
  • Travel
    Destinations:  Boston, MA, Brooklyn, NY, Chicago, IL, Glendora , CA, Los Angeles, CA, London, England, Madison , WI, New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina), New York, NY, Pittsburgh, PA, Provincetown, MA, Washington , D.C.
  • Women's Issues
    Abortion, Babies, Divorce, Families Parenting, Feminism and Feminist Issues, Love, Marriage, Pregnancy, Pro-Choice Issues

Bulletin Board

Latest Additions

  • Aloha, Candy Hearts by Anthony Bidulka (May 26, 2009 release)
    From Pacific to Prairie, a teasing treasure hunt turns into a frightening game of cat and mouse. PI Russell Quant is plunged into the vagaries of a shocking hometown murder and the blasphemous blackmail of one of the literary world's most esteemed writers.

    Russell can’t be sure whether a dead man’s surprising last gift is a treasure map or wild goose chase. With a series of clues that beckon Russell into the annals of suppressed Saskatoon history, he revisits the harsh realities of early homesteaders, investigates an infamous local sports heroine, escapes a second-run movie house, and digs for clues beneath the site of a never-forgotten scourge. As past reveals future, the hunter become the huntee.

    Attempting to keep pace with his latest mystery, Russell balances his professional life with the demands of a wedding, a memorial, and at least one home-cooked meal at Mom’s. With the Hawaiian sand barely shook free from his hair, Russell is confronted, professionally and personally, with the harsh consequences of indecision. Saying hello and good-bye is never easy. 

  • Comfort Me by Louis Flint Ceci
    Set in a small town in south central Oklahoma, Comfort Me tells the story of three teenagers, Malachi "Mally" Jacobs, Randy Edom, and Joanie Tibbits, who find comfort in their unlikely friendship. But it's a comfort that comes at a price. Randy's best friend, Red, harbors a jealousy that goes deeper than the loss of a football buddy, leading him to ever more violent bullying of Mally. Randy's initially abrasive run-ins with Joanie blossom into romance, but in the process he uncovers betrayals that underlie her seemingly perfect family. And Joanie's efforts to bring Mally out of his shell seem on a collision course with her hopes for a steady boyfriend.

  • My Life is Poetry by Steven Reigns
    An anthology of autobiographical poetry by gay, lesbian, and bisexual seniors. This collection was born out of a 16-week workshop taught by Reigns.

  • Are You Guys Brothers? by Brian McNaught
    Same-sex intimacy, particularly between males, can be a challenge to maintain for gay and bisexual men, and extremely threatening to heterosexual men. Are You Guys Brothers?, a question asked of male couples throughout the world, is a very personal and candid look at the topic through the lens of an immensely happy and successful 32-year relationship.

  • Art That Dares: Gay Jesus, Woman Christ, and More by Kittredge Cherry
    Art that Dares to show Jesus as gay or female has been censored or destroyed. Now for the first time these beautiful, liberating, sometimes shocking images are gathered for all to see. Packed with full-page color illustrations, this eye-opening collection features a diverse group of eleven contemporary artists who work both inside and outside the church. They present the gay Jesus, the woman Christ, and other cutting-edge Christian images. Their art respects the teachings of Jesus and frees the minds of viewers to see in new ways. Here the artists tell the stories behind their art. A lively introduction puts the images into political and historical context, exploring issues of blasphemy and artistic freedom.

  • Jan Morris: Around the World in Eighty Years (2007) by Paul Clements with Paul Theroux, Illustrator
    In honor of the 80th birthday of British travel journalist Jan Morris, her colleagues and successors have put together this celebratory, biographical tribute, which explores both the writer and her writing. By revisiting more than 50 years of descriptions of her travels, her epic three-volume history of the British Empire, and her startling and thoughtful memoir about her sex change, the volume contains many full, intimate insights into her character from renowned contributors, including Alan Whicker, Arturo di Stefano, Colin Thubron, David Fieldhouse, Don Geroge, David Hurn, Erica Wagner, Geoffrey Moorhouse, George Band, Hilary Rubenstein, Jim Perrin, Patrick Nairn, Peregrine Wortsthorne, Pico Iyer, Robert McCrum, and Simon Winchester

  • The After-Death Room: Journey Into Spiritual Activism by Michael McColly

  • Live Devotion -- a new CD by recording artist Robin Renée

  • The Toronto You Are Leaving by Gordon Stewart Anderson
    Tender, bitingly honest story of a young gay man's coming out and coming of age in the Toronto of the 70's and 80's. David is the university student, the bookworm who is just beginning the joyful, difficult transition of bringing his private self forward. (Published posthumously,
    2006 Lambda Literary Award nominee)

  • Interminable Longing by Judith Johnson
    (2006 Lambda Literary Award nominee)
    Alice’s relationships are always skewed.  Back in her twenties, her psychiatrist says that she ‘may just love women the way you think you’re supposed to love men.’  But in the 1980s, she wants a baby and her house and garden.  Twenty years later, when a dream reverses her usual, recurring nightmare, Alice decides it’s time to get to the bottom of her sexual confusion.  What results is an upending of her personal and business relationships as she steadily moves toward a new future.   (See also 20th Annual Lambda Literary Award Nominees Announced!)

  • Filling in the Empty Spaces: My Story of Faith and Spiritual Self-Discovery by Bryan Edney

  • Rockstarlet: A Novel by Stewart Lewis
    On the day singer Jackson Poole signs his first record contract, he learns that part of the deal is turning over his life to his managers. For his handlers and his record company, keeping Jackson's gay identity a secret becomes a full-on obsession, particularly since their new star is anything but discreet. They try dressing him differently, teaching him how to speak butch, and even fixing him up with a soap opera vixen. But how is a rock star supposed to enjoy his newfound success if he can't bed the groupies?

  • On the Down Low: A Journey into the Lives of 'Straight' Black Men Who Sleep with Men by J.L. King

  • WTC View: a movie by Brian Sloan
    On the night before 9/11, a young man living in SoHo places an online ad for a roommate in the Village Voice. On the 12th, he gets five messages. Over the course of the next two weeks, he has trouble finding a new roommate in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on New York while, at the same time, struggles to keep his mental balance. Based on the acclaimed stage play by Brian Sloan and starring the critically praised original cast, this film tells the story of life in New York through the various experiences of people who come to look at Eric’s apartment. It is a modest but often surprising slice-of-life look at lower Manhattan after of the most devastating days in this nation’s history, told from the perspective of one man whose neighborhood and sense of home was shattered by the opening shot of the "war on terror."

  • The Lavender Locker Room: 3,000 Years of Great Athletes Whose Orientation Was Different by Patricia Nell Warren
    Stories of folks who have in common the fact that they were (or are)  gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered.  And they stood out extraordinarily in their chosen sport.

  • Now It's My Turn: A Daughter's Chronicle of Political Life by Mary Cheney
    Trials and tribulations of the Vice President's lesbian daughter.

  • Hitting Hard by Michelangelo Signorile
    Michelangelo Signorile on George W. Bush, Mary Cheney, Gay Marriage, Tom Cruise, the Christian Right and Sexual Hypocrisy in America.

  • The New Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth by Stephanie Brill
    Complete resource for women embarking on the life-changing journey of parenthood.

  • That Man: The Peter Berlin Story by Jim Tushinski
    Documentary that explores the life and career of the 1970s gay erotic icon.

  • Mother's Revenge by Jerry Bolton


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  • DREAMWalker Group's proprietor, Michael Walker, was in New Orleans from May 12 through May 16, 2005 to attend Saints and Sinners.  See photos of some of the brilliant folks he met at the 2004 and 2005 Saints and Sinners!


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