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Robin Reardon

Profile created January 22, 2008
Updated March 5, 2010

Robin Reardon's ten installments of THE CASE FOR ACCEPTANCE: An Open Letter to Humanity are now available all in one piece as an Adobe file. In this work Robin used reason, physical and social sciences, psychology, various other provable disciplines, and religious scripture to remove any rational objection to homosexuality. The letter also took a stab at explaining why so many people refuse to let go of their gut-level, knee-jerk negative response to gays, and how their very humanity could help them. How it could help everyone.

  • EVOLUTION (2011 release; title could change)
    Ethan Poe, 16 and gay, finds himself (against his intentions) in the center of a crisis in his rural New England town when long-time neighbors and residents enter a pitched and violent battle with each other over whether to allow Intelligent Design to be taught in public school science classes.

  • A Question of Manhood (Sept. 28, 2010 release)
    Paul Landon, 16 and straight, mourning the loss of his adored older brother who dies after confessing to Paul that he's gay, learns what it means to be a man from JJ O’Neil, 17 and gay, through JJ’s demonstration of leadership in the area of dog behavioral psychology.

  • Thinking Straight (2008)
    If only Taylor Adams had kept on lying to his parents, none of this would have happened. He wouldn’t have been shipped off to Straight to God, an institution devoted to “deprogramming” troubled teenagers and ridding them of their vices—whether those vices are drugs, violence, or—in Taylor’s case—other boys.

    This is a story of accidental heroism, of loyalty, and of faith—and, if Taylor has his way, of seeds of understanding falling on fertile ground.

  • A Secret Edge (2007) -- Finalist 2007 Lambda Literary Gay Men's Romance Awards
    In many ways, Jason Peele is like any other teenager. He hits the books, hangs with his friends, flirts with girls, and omits the full truth of his life from his Aunt Audrey and Uncle Steve, who've raised him since his parents died. But there's one way that Jason is very different: when he dreams at night, it isn't about girls; it's about David Bowie. At sixteen years old, Jason is just beginning to understand that he might be gay.

    A Secret Edge is a sexy, sensitive coming-of-age novel about identity and courage, love and honor, anger and hope, and the many ways the truth can set you free.

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