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Louis Flint Ceci
(Aka Louis G. Ceci)

ceci_lga @ yahoo . com
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Profile created May 10, 2008
Updated December 5, 2009.


Note:  Louis Flint Ceci was the life-partner of Don Edward Flint

Click here to see their journal, which is the personal account of how a they faced the challenges of two life-threatening illnesses: first a brain hemorrhage, and then the diagnosis of glioblastoma multiforme, a malignant brain tumor.

  • If I Remember Him (Novel in Progress)
    The first chapter is available online heres.ss.

  • Comfort Me (2008)
    Set in a small town in south central Oklahoma, Comfort Me tells the story of three teenagers, Malachi "Mally" Jacobs, Randy Edom, and Joanie Tibbits, who find comfort in their unlikely friendship. But it's a comfort that comes at a price. Randy's best friend, Red, harbors a jealousy that goes deeper than the loss of a football buddy, leading him to ever more violent bullying of Mally. Randy's initially abrasive run-ins with Joanie blossom into romance, but in the process he uncovers betrayals that underlie her seemingly perfect family. And Joanie's efforts to bring Mally out of his shell seem on a collision course with her hopes for a steady boyfriend.

  • "Iconic Features in the Noun Phrases of Yeats's 'The Cold Heaven'", Language and Style, Vol 16, No. 2 (1983).

  • "The Case for Syntactic Imagery", College English, Vol. 45, No. 5 (September, 1983)

  • A Brief Tour of Visual Fields (1999)
    Science essay and interactive Java applet.  See Glyphic Technology web site.

  • Diseased Pariah News, No. 10 (1995)
    See "Truly Tutti Frutti Flies" a satirical science essay.

  • The MUNI Motets (October 1993)
    "To Hear Important Announcements," "Watch This Space," "Operator Must Collect Transfer," "Information Gladly Given," "For Your Safety Please," and "To Speed Your Ride."

    A song cycle in the style of P.D.Q. Bach, performed by the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco.

  • Diseased Pariah News, No. 6 (1992)
    See "Part of the Problem" a short story.

  • Colorado North Review (1988)
    See poems, "The Dogweed Witch" and "Cargo."

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