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Works by
Kenneth Meadows
[1925 - 2002]

  • Where Eagles Fly: A Shamanic Way to Personal Fulfillment (2002)
    Distilling the essence of shamanism from the major world traditions, this book sets out to interpret its relevance, meaning and practical application in the modern world. It advises readers how to bring body, mind, spirit and soul into harmony, as a means of releasing one's hidden potential.

  • The Medicine Way: A Shamanic Path to Self Mastery (1997, 2002)
    To the Native American, the word "medicine" means more than a substance to restore health. It refers to a vital energy force available to all who call upon it--and also means "knowledge." This practical handbook of shamanic self-mastery offers a distillation of the ancient shamanic truths of the Native American, blended with wisdom derived from the East and from Europe.

  • Earth Medicine: A Shamanic Way to Self Discovery (1990)
    Using a system for personal growth and spiritual development derived from the teachings of Native Americans, Taoist teachings from the East, and the ancient wisdom of Northern Europe, this book explains a way to inner enlightenment in the modern world.

Little Earth Medicine Library (1998)

Little earth medicine is a personality profile system based on birthdate and the Native American Medicine Wheel. The ancient teachings of shamans are applied to success in work, happiness, and love. Each volume in The Little Library of Earth Medicine series relates to a different birth time, exploring suitability with other types of people. Spiritual guideposts for each birth type are detailed, such as appropriate trees, animals, and colors.  See also Little Earth Medicine Library.

Currently includes: Beaver, Brown Bear, Crow, Deer, Falcon, Goose, Otter, Owl, Salmon, Snake, Wolf, and Woodpecker.

Shamanic Experience
  • Shamanic Experience: A Practical Guide to Psychic Powers (1980, 2003)
    A guide to shamanic practices for those seeking to develop psychic powers.

    • Contains 19 practical exercises based on shamanic practices from around the world.

    • Includes 47-minute CD of shamanic drumming to induce meditative states of deeper awareness.

    Motivated by the spirit rather than the intellect, shamanism extends conscious awareness and awakens dormant potential for spiritual wisdom, healing, and personal growth. Shamanic Experience offers a unique opportunity for the Western reader to access the domain of the collective soul through an experiential learning program based on the distillation of shamanic wisdom from cultures and traditions around the world.

    Nineteen practical exercises allow readers to discover their aura, develop shamanic breath, energize power centers, develop relationships with power animals, and engage in a Vision Quest. The lessons of Shamanic Experience culminate with a trance-state journey induced by the rhythmic drumming sessions recorded on the accompanying CD.

  • Shamanic Experience: A Personal Guide to Extra Sensory Perception (2001)

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