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Works by
Michael Murphy
(Co-found Esalen Institute, Writer)
[1930 - ]

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Profile created May 11, 2007
  • Golf in the Kingdom (1972)
    Golf in the Kingdom has become one of the bestselling golf books of all time.
    Introduces Shivas Irons, the golf pro and philosopher with whom Murphy played a mythic round of golf on Scotland's Burningbush links, a round that profoundly altered his game and vision.  Shivas's insights about competition, life, and "true gravity," all instilled in him by his elusive mentor Seamus MacDuff, captured the imaginations and the devoted following of students of the inner game of golf.

  • Jacob Atabet(1977)

  • An End to Ordinary History: A Novel (1982)

  • The Kingdom of Shivas Irons (1997)
    Sequel to
    Golf in the Kingdom

    The Kingdom of Shivas Irons
    is the enchanting story of Murphy's return to Scotland to investigate reports of further visitations by Shivas Irons and to answer questions about him and MacDuff that have haunted Murphy since his original trip to Burningbush some thirty-one years before.  Murphy and his companion, Buck Hannigan, a skeptical physicist fascinated by Shivas's connections to metanormal events, embark on a magical quest for Irons and MacDuff--and their wisdom about golf and human potential.

    From the mystical golf course surrounding MacDuff's estate in Scotland, across the world to the first Russian Open Golf Championship, and finally to Pebble Beach on the California Coast, The Kingdom of Shivas Irons is a delightful exploration of the deep truths about the game of golf and a provocative inquiry into our remarkable possibilities for growth and transformation.

  • The Psychic Side of Sports(1978) by Michael Murphy with Rhea White

  • The Future of the Body: Explorations into the Further Evolution of Human Nature (1992)

  • The Life We Are Given (1995) by Michael Murphy and George Leonard
    Two pioneers of the human potential movement offer this new edition of their classic work, updated for a new generation of readers.

    George Leonard and Michael Murphy's groundbreaking human realization program has helped thousands of people harness their potential and capitalize on their ability for growth to enrich their lives. Through balanced and comprehensive long-term practice, we can transform our lives using Integral Transformative Practice, or ITP, a program developed by Murphy and Leonard and followed by thousands of people worldwide.

    Drawing upon the authors' combined seventy years of experience in the study of human transformation, The Life We Are Given presents an extensive program for realizing the potential of body, mind, heart, and soul, both for individual actualization and community improvement. With inspiring true stories of the struggles and triumphs of ITP workshop students interwoven into the authors' detailed program, this important book provides a rich source of motivation and guidance for the seeker.

    Perhaps even more relevant today than when it was published to great acclaim ten years ago, The Life We Are Given urges readers to begin that most important of human journeys: the journey toward a better, more fully realized self.

  • In the Zone: Transcendent Experience in Sports (1995) by Michael Murphy with Rhea White
    Updated version of The Psychic Side of Sports

  • The Physical and Psychological Effects of Meditation: A Review of Contemporary Research With a Comprehensive Bibliography, 1931-1996 (1997) by Michael Murphy and Steven Donovan

  • God and the Evolving Universe: The Next Step in Personal Evolution (2002) by James Redfield, Michael Murphy, and Sylvia Timbers
    It is no accident, argue James Redfield and Michael Murphy-the leading co-creators of today's spiritual boom-that the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have witnessed an explosion in human capacities. Daily we hear and read about supernormal athletic feats, clairvoyant perception, lives transformed by meditative practices, healing through prayer-and we ourselves experience these things. Many people's lives nowadays are marked by improved communication, a will to go beyond ego, synchronistic flow, and a sense of transcendent oneness and identity.

    Indeed, the authors contend that thousands of years of human progress have delivered us to this very moment, in which each act of self-development is creating a new stage in planetary evolution-and the emergence of a human species possessed of vastly expanded personal abilities.

    Written with the grace and ease of The Celestine Prophecy, God and the Evolving Universe features a broad range of exercises that readers can use to participate in everything they are reading about. Redfield's first major new work since 1999, God and the Evolving Universe is the only book to unite the personal and the planetary, and explain-like the proverbial butterfly that flaps its wings in China and causes a hurricane in New York-how each act of individual improvement and consciousness-raising, even as simple as lunchtime yoga, is part of a new evolutionary scheme.

    This bold work heightens readers' awareness of their place in personal/planetary evolution and sets the stage for the new level in spiritual development.

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