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Rich Goscicki
(Aka Richard J. Goscicki)

aristopus at comcast dot net
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Profile created June 16, 2008
  • Radio interview at WordPress.com.  Listen.

  • Radio interview with Lester Grinspoon (Living on Purpose with Lynn Thompson) includes some discussion by Rich Goscicki.  Listen.


  • Mirror Reversal (2007) with David White, Illustrator
    Mirror Reversal is available for purchase directly through DREAMWalker Group (Click here to purchase)
    "Mirror Reversal is a unique contribution to popular psychology and science fiction by platforming a torrid tale of one woman's descent into the depths of human misery on a solid understanding of basic principles of social science. Fast moving, sometimes riveting in its narrative, Goscicki's fascinating story-telling updates Catch 22 and Orwellian concepts in a novel illuminating the dark side of human nature."
                                                             -- Philip Zimbardo

    This is the true story of:

    • A famous actress persecuted and hounded by the FBI until she commits suicide

    • A renaissance freethinker and scholar, who preceded Charles Darwin by 250 years, burned at the stake for opening his mouth

    • A prim biology professor who is slipped a powerful hallucinogen and takes a bum trip half way to hell."



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