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Tamara Wilhite

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Profile created March 23, 2008
Updated February 14, 2011

Tamara Wilhite
2024 Oakmeadow St.
Bedford, TX 76021

  • Future Past (2007, Kindle Edition)
    The ghosts of our past may lead us to repeat it. A new horror story.

  • Sirat: Through the Fires of Hell (2007)
    Sirat is the narrow path where travelers will find the fires of hell around them in their desperate flight to Paradise. From the moment the Archer crew were stranded on the violent, young world of Sirat, they were plagued by death, disease, and disasters. Over the generations, they reshaped Sirat and themselves in pursuit of paradise. The arrival of a new starship from Earth threatens to destroy the world they have created.

  • Humanity's Edge (2005)
    What makes one Human? This is a question which had been pondered for centuries. Author Tamara Wilhite has assembled a collection of short stories that make the Twilight Zone dull in comparison, to help the reader further ponder this question. Set in mankind's future, Humanity's Edge is a precursor to bigger and better things to come from this talented Science Fiction author.

Fiction, Other
  • The Dead City Chronicles (2008, Kindle) by David Byron and Tamara Wilhite

  • New Voices In Horror Anthology - Volume 1 (2008, Kindle) by David Byron, ed. with Jesus Morales (Illustrator) 
    Includes works by Corey R. Scales, Dave Rex, David Byron, David F. Daumit, J.T. Carney, Jade Eckert, James Woodcock, Jason M. Tucker, Jeremy C. Shipp, Jeani Rector, Joseph D'Lacey, Laura Bickle, Michael McCarty (with Mark McLaughlin), Ralan Conley, Simon Wood, and Tamara Wilhite

  • Eternal Y2K Lessons (2008, Kindle Edition)
    What are the eternal lessons that can be drawn from a failed Y2K fix?

  • Ham Radio; The Next Generation (2008, Kindle Edition)

  • Moore's Law (2008, Kindle Edition)
    Moore's Law has been a standard in chip design and computing formulas for the past 4 decades. As technology races ahead and the laws of physics seem to stand in the way, will Moore's Law be repealed?

  • Paying Attention to the Forgotten Human Factor (2008, Kindle Edition)
    In software design, there is human factor that is overlooked - the human's attention. This download will discuss the current problems in software application design regarding the human operator's attention, how that affects both system and operator performance, and - most importantly - how to improve both.

  • RFID Tags, Spychips and Myth of Mark of the Beast (2008, Kindle Editiion)
    RFID tags, whether in products or people, are not the mark of the beast. Yet their implementation leads to many unaddressed concerns and unanswered questions. Like what we really should be afraid of with their implementation.

  • Whats With Wiki? What Works and Making It Work For You... (2008, Kindle Edition)
    What works with wiki (and what doesn't) during professional implementations of wikis in conjunction with software applications and support communities. Making wiki work for your IT organizations and communities.

  • Engineering the Future (2007, Kindle Edition)
    The world is moving so fast that we often have trouble imagining where it will be in twenty years, much less a human lifetime.

  • SETI in Reverse (2007, Kindle Edition)
    What an alien’s SETI program can really learn about Earth? A lot, actually. But it won’t be a Beatles anthology or “I Love Lucy” reruns. "SETI in Reverse" looks at what aliens could learn about Earth from their own equivalent SETI program, and the methodology used to derive that information.

  • Six Sigma Projects - Incremental or Seismic? (2007, Kindle Edition, PDF Version)
    Six sigma, lean sigma, process improvement - you've got the jargon, you have the mandate. Now how do you decide which projects to do? Here's how.

  • System Design Don'ts (2007, Kindle Edition)
    What happens when the off switch requires tech support? A very unhappy customer and a failure of system design.

  • A Financial Horoscope for Everyone (2007, Kindle Edition)
    Destiny may or may not be in the stars, but your finances usually are in your own hands. What should you do? For stellar results, refer to this good for everyone financial horoscope.

  • Heather’s Mommy Has Two Identities: A Guide for Children of Crimefighters (2007, Kindle Edition)
    This article is based on a listing from Appendix B of “”The government manual for new superheroes”.

  • Preparing for a Medical Emergency (2008, Kindle Edition)
    As the mother of two young children, we have had had several trips to the ER. In such situations, clear thinking can be a life saver. Planning ahead can be a life saver â€" and a financial saver. Here's how.

  • Apple Banana Nut Muffin Recipe (2007, Kindle Edition)
    Healthy and delicious, frugal and easy to make, an apple-banana nut muffin mix for the whole family. Great for breakfast or snacks, good for on the go. An original recipe.

  • Grandma Carolyn’s Oatmeal Cookie Recipe (2007, Kindle Edition)
    A delicious oatmeal cookie recipe used in the author's family for over 50 years, and a wonderful new tradition for your family.

  • Do Nothing Democrats and The War On Terror (2007, Kindle Edition)
    Why are Democrats stonewalling on the war on terror? Here's the conversation we hear, but never admit to.

  • Socialized Medicine and Centralized Databases and a Better Alternative (2007, Kindle Edition)
    A centralized medical record database, whether in the hands of the federal government or in a single database provider selected by the government, is a disaster waiting to happen. Add in the lack of customer service of the DMV, add in the incomprehensibility of the IRS, and a huge bullseye of terrorists and hackers who could bring our healthcare to its knees by targeting our medical records database, and you see that we need a better solution.

    Here it is.

  • Amazon Kindle Publishing for Idiots (2008, Kindle Edition)
    How to format and upload your work for Amazon Kindle for dummies.
    Note:  Also available from Tamara Wilhite at the above-listed address for $2 with SASE or $2.50 without SASE.  Send check or money order and be sure to state which title you want and mention that DREAMWalker Group sent you!

  • The Cheap Book: Promotional Tips You've Never Heard of -- and Should (2008, Kindle Edition)
    Concise and practical list of cheap - and even free - ways to promote your writing.

  • How to Write and Publish an eBook (2007, Kindle Edition)
    What kinds of eBooks sell, what kinds don't, and how to find those areas that do sell.

Free Offerings
  • Bonded By Blood: SNM Horror Anthology (2008), David Saliba and Steven Marshall, eds.  Cover by Crystal Adkins.
    SNM Horror Anthology featuring the best 16 short stories from new, up-and-coming horror authors. All published from SNM Magazine. Published and edited by Steven Marshall & David Saliba.

  • Genres (2008) by David Byron
    A collection of short fiction including the never before published stories ''Waiting For The Train,'' and ''New False Hope,'' and the new story collaboration ''Echoes of Life.''   Includes "Mutant Moon" written with Tamara Wilhite and "A False New Hope" and "Through Sharing, Life" by Tamara Wilhite.

  • Are We Getting Fried Tonight? (2008, Kindle Edition)

  • Civically Minded AND Saving Money (2008, Kindle Edition)
    How do you contribute to a cause without coughing up tens (or even hundreds) of dollars? How do you add to a cause without subtracting from your pocket book? Here's how!

  • Why There Was Never A Roswell 2 (2008, Kindle Edition) with Ed Lawrence

  • Finding the Time For Your Life (2007, Kindle Edition)
    Where did all the time go? How do you find it? And how on Earth do you get it back? This isn't time management - not even time budgeting! It's a short read that may add hours to your week, and quality to your life.

  • From Whence We Meet  (2007, Kindle Edition)
    So many meetings, so few places to hold them. And here are a few tips on how to get more meeting space out of the same places you already meet.

  • Not the Right Kind (2007, Kindle Edition)
    Lantana came in for a job interview, but is she the right kind of person for the job?

  • Successful Book Signing Tips by Eric Enck and Tamara Wilhite (2007, Kindle Edition)

  • The Right Plan to Get Into Writing (2007, Kindle Edition)
    How do you get into writing? How do you get published? When is self publishing the right path? What about small press publishers and large press publishers? And how do you decide which path to take? "The Right Plan to Get Into Writing" gives you a step by step plan to do just that.

  • Writing Marketing Tips from Eric Enck and Tamara Wilhite (2007, Kindle Edition)
    Note:  Also available from Tamara Wilhite at the above-listed address for $2 with SASE or $2.50 without SASE.  Send check or money order and be sure to state which title you want and mention that DREAMWalker Group sent you!

  • Marketing Your Writing (Date?, PDF Edition) by Eric Enck and Tamara Wilhite
    With all the changes in media and technology, one question remains - how do you sell your writing?

  • The Terrible Teen Months (2007, Kindle Editions)
    Parenting a teen is hard - especially when they can barely walk and talk. Welcome to the terrible teen months of your toddler's life!

  • Geronimo Redeux (Date?, PDF Edition)
    With enough money and will, there will be a way. There's always a loop hole, especially when science offers infinitely more options. When profit and political correctness collide, the results are explosive. The only question is: who will literally survive the culture clash?

  • Natural Talent (Date?, PDF Edition)
    Our greatest strengths are often our greatest weaknesses. When humanity's creations display human nature, how will the creators contain that indeterminable spirit among their engineered commodities? Who is more human: the creators or the creations? And at what price is paid, by both individual people and all people, when we deny humanity's children their human nature? That is what Natural Talent is intended to explore.

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