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Antero Alli


Profile created July 14, 2006

Antero has been writing, directing and producing experimental theatre works since 1977 when he founded ParaTheatrical ReSearch as a process of group ritual dynamics, a lifelong work now documented in his book, "Towards an Archeology of the Soul". Since 1991 he has been writing and directing his own video/films; (six of his features are available on dvd). Between 1991-95 he was editor/publisher of Talking Raven Quarterly, an iconoclastic literary journal in Seattle. From 1992 to 2002, Antero and Sylvi co-curated the west coast Nomad VideoFilm Festival (Seattle, Portland, S.F.). Antero teaches in the diverse fields of paratheatre, astrology and consciousness research. Antero is a practicing astrologer (since 1980) and author of numerous books (since 1985). He is currently promoting his most recent feature film, "The Greater Circulation".
  • THE EIGHT-CIRCUIT BRAIN: Navigational Strategies for the Energetic Body" (2009)
    This book advances the material in Alli's groundbreaking first book, Angel Tech: A Modern Shaman's Guide to Reality Selection, a compendium of techniques and practical applications of Dr. Timothy Leary ’s 8-Circuit Brain model for Intelligence Increase. After twenty-plus years of research and experimentation, Antero's earlier findings have been significantly updated and enriched in this new body of work.

    Includes a comprehensive 8-week course of study and practice, the author's "Neurological Autobiography of Outside Shocks and Hedonic Upgrades," a forum featuring Alli's responses to questions from former students, accounts of his in-depth encounters with Christopher S. Hyatt and Robert Anton Wilson, and much, much more.

    Autographed copies available at http://www.verticalpool.com/8cb-book.html.  Tell them you found the book at DREAMWalker Group.

  • Collective Instant (Jan 1, 2008)

  • Towards an Archeology of the Soul: A ParaTheatrical Workshop (2003)
    This workbook outlines a ritual without dogma that looks to the body’s own vital instincts for sources to motivate movement. Alli suggests that feeling the body deeply meets the body’s central most need and when met, consciousness naturally opens to higher sources. "Towards an Archeology of the Soul" presents the principles, techniques and underlying ethos of a paratheatrical medium developed over twenty-six years in non-performance labs, as well as, public performance rituals based in a fusion of physical theatre, dance and standing zazen meditation techniques. This workbook also provides a comprehensive design for solo and group experimentation, alongside articles by and interviews with other ritualists, performers and artists in related fields.

  • The Vertical Oracle: a modern divination device (1996), designed and published with Sylvi Pickering-Alli
    Contemporary divination deck of 52 full-color cards by Sylvie Pickering accompanied by a book of provocative text by Antero Alli (author of "Angel Tech", "Astrologik", and others). While not a traditional tarot, The Vertical Oracle is designed to incite creative responses to everyday real life quandaries. The ageless archetypes - Magic, Death, Rebirth, Ritual, Chaos, Hope, Synchronicity - are given a 21st century context for inspiring more meaningful connections between our vertical spiritual sources and the horizontal realms of the out-there material world. Anter's text also includes astrological interpretations for each card. The Vertical Oracle book/card set comes packages in an attractive, durable hard case.

  • Astrologilk: The Oracular Art of Astrology (1999)
    ands-on workbook for interpreting your own horoscope while learning the language of astrology. Though the author's down-to-earth approach is accessible and easy to follow, the reader's creative thought processes and imagination are also challenged in this unique study of the celestial alphabet. What is learned can be immediately applied towards a deeper understanding of oneself and the world.

  • All Rites Reversed: Ritual Technology for Self Initiation (1988)

  • A Modern Shaman's Guide to a Pregnant Universe (1988, revised 2006) with Christopher S. Hyatt
    A Neural Cocktail party of a brain getting drunk on itself. It is the essence of slimy copulation between known and unknown forces. As the planet braces for a series of new contractions, bizarre and interesting forces are being born---brains with new centers, new chemicals, new visions---going far beyond the suited dinosaurs prattling their slogans...

    The Modern Shaman is a Pilot---an individual of real power interacting with "spirits," pulling the triggers of knowledge, visions, brains and technologies culminating in---a creature---too ugly for the common to bear.

    Long out-of-print, A Modern Shaman's Guide to a Pregnant Universe is back by popular demand. Filled with Provocative Images and Mind-Pounding Ideas. Thoroughly iconoclastic and genuinely funny! One of Hyatt's favorites! Extensively illustrated.

  • The Akashic Record Player (1988) with contributions by Jose Arguelles
    This book is not a novel, it is not an autobiography, nor is it a self-help, how-to manual. What is it then? It is a story about miraculous interactions, sifted through a mythic, allegorical context. Myth is the very language of life and, through its articulation, we can become more alive. Myths are like dreams. Without them, we are as good as dead. But dreams can be dangerous...

  • Angel Tech: A Modern Shaman's Guide to Reality Selection (1988)
    A guide for the realization of the Multidimensional Self.  It is also a workbook for an Invisible Institute of Higher Learning where teachers walk amidst our daily lives, ready to share the appropriate education towards our inevitable graduation.  These teachers appear directly from The No Coincidences Department in a vast array of cloaks and guises and
    These Teachers Are Us. 

  • Letters Essays and Premonitions (Date Unknown?)

Mystic Cinema
Antero has been making visionary feature films since 199 -- all of them leaning heavily into mystical themes and stories. They are available on DVD at his site.
  • Hysteria
    A post-911 suspense drama; feature fiction. During the Serb-Croatian war of 1991 Ikar, a young Croatian soldier and devout Catholic, is sent on a military mission to blow up a church. Here he encounters three gypsies who offer him tea made from hallucinogenic datura root. Ikar drinks the tea and experiences, what he believes to be, a messianic vision from the Virgin Mary. Ten years later Ikar follows this vision to post-911 America where he takes up boxing and learns to “fight for Mary". His new neighbors, two Persian sisters, notice the handsome reclusive boxer and one invites Ikar to a wild pagan fire ritual, an event that Ikar embraces as a sign towards the fulfillment of his religious mission.
    Click here to purchase directly from Antero

  • Loaded Visions: VideoPoems
    The Loaded Visions series features ten shorts (4-8 minutes each) plus Lily In Limbo, (1996/2001) a 27-min. poetry film incorporating text by Hilda Doolittle. Other poets include Pablo Neruda, Arthur Rimbaud, Sylvia Plath, Tristan Tzara, Sean Blosl, and Antero Alli. This is a select collection of Antero's favorite videopoems and short works.
    Click here to purchase directly from Antero

  • Orphans of Delirium
    A paratheatre video document; non-fiction feature. Eleven performers execute a series of convulsive initiatic rites designed by author/ritualist Antero Alli and then perform their paratheatrical experiments before live audiences. Intercut throughout the action are candid conversations between the director and two of the performers, Nick Walker and Paradox Pollack, discussing their experiences. The rituals were drawn from Antero's 2003 book,
    Towards an Archeology of the Soul.
    Click here to purchase directly from Antero

  • The Drivetime
    A cyber-fi feature produced and co-written with Rob Brezsny (including music from Brezsny's band, World Entertainment War). "The Drivetime follows a bemused time-traveling librarian named Flux from the serenity of 2023 to the chaos of Seattle in 1999, where society's obsession with communications technology has created the near-extinction of conversation. On top of this jolting social examination, The Drivetime presents police procedure as entertainment (a la programs like COPS) and disturbing abuses by police. One of the most chilling yet innovative cinematic essays on the flaws of today's technology-obsessed society, The Drivetime forces viewers to think about where our world is heading. This work should be seen by anyone who mistakenly believes that all's calm and well in our little digital sphere." -- WIRED Magazine
    Click here to purchase directly from Antero

  • The Greater Circulation
    In 1908, Czech poet Rainer Maria Rilke wrote his Requiem For a Friend over two fevered nights at the Hotel Biron in Paris. One hundred years later, a paratheatre group in Berkeley California prepares to stage his Requiem as a performance ritual. Impressions of the contemporary era begin haunting Rilke's night dreams and consequently, inspiring the creative process of writing his tribute to artist and friend Paula Modersohn-Becker, who suddenly died eighteen days after birthing her first child. The Greater Circulation is a cinematic treatment of Rilke’s powerful prose addressing the central drama of women torn between sacrificing their lives to their Art or to Motherhood.
    Click here to purchase directly from Antero

  • Tragos
    A cyber-noir thriller; feature fiction. Underground San Francisco, 2012. An urban tribe of technopagans practice their ecstatic rites inside a virtual reality realm called Tragos. One night their leader, Bella Luxor, overworks the VR program and awakens blind. Bella's sister clandestinely uses the device as a suicide machine and does not wake up at all. Bella chooses to surrender herself to murder but the fundamentalist Christian prosecutor assigned to her case fails to secure a conviction. Bella is released and the failed prosecutor becomes obsessed with her cult and recruits a mole, an unemployed actor, to bring their demise. A cyber-noir witch hunt unfolds only to reveal a deeper story of love and redemption.
    Click here to purchase directly from Antero

  • Under a Shipwrecked Moon
    A family saga; feature fiction. The power of a long-buried family secret is unleashed when the extreme rituals of a self-made shamanic punk rocker catapult him into the spirit realm in search for his father, a ship captain who drowned at sea. Meanwhile, back in the real world, he and his family gather around the bedside of his comatose Finnish grandfather who has suddenly reappeared after a fifteen year absence. Unknown to the family is the true mother of the dead father: the woman he believed to be his mother was actually a midwife who delivered him. His real mother, a mysterious shaman, died in childbirth and the dead man's punk rocker son seems to have inherited his grandmother's powers. A surrealistic fable of true love, giant hedgehogs and the mystical depths of family bonds.
    Click here to purchase directly from Antero

See also:
  • Interview with Antero Alli at Future Primative
    "Antero Alli is a writer, performer and filmmaker. In 1977 he began developing a paratheatre medium combining techniques of physical theatre, dance and Zazen meditation for accessing the internal landscape; he is founder/director of ParaTheatrical ReSearch. Since 1993 Antero has been writing and directing his own feature-length art films, several of which have received high critical praise at prestigious filmthreat.com. He is also a practicing astrologer and the author of numerous books some of which serve as textbooks for courses he occasionally teaches online."
  • Total -- Volume 2 (1993), Robert H. King, ed. with Antero Alli, Derek Jarman, Fakir Musafar, Robert Anton Wilson, and Zoviet France
    An ausio-visual journal of art, music, and provocative information. Includes interviews with Adam Parfrey, Mark Pauline, and Stelarc; plus 78 minute CD of unavailable tracks by Controlled Bleeding, Nocturnal Emissions,  Zoviet France, and many more.
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