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Works by
J.P. Mercer

  • Incommunicado (2003) with Nancy M. Hill
    Incommunicado is a world of lies, deceit, and death along the U.S/Mexico border. Set within the panoramic beauty of the unforgiving Sonoran Desert, it is the story of two strong, independent women: Cara Vittore Cipriano, a lawyer who was born to rule the prestigious Cipriano Vineyards; and Jaquelyn "Jake" Biscayne, an FBI forensic pathologist who has made her work her life. Both live in emotional isolation, emotionally scarred, afraid to live, afraid to trust, to love. Until they encounter each other while investigating a serial rapist/murderer who is using the Sonoran Desert as his hunting ground.

  • Threads of Destiny (2004)
    Threads of Destiny embraces the coastal paradise of Santa Barbara, California, and the beautiful, romantic scenery of its virgin wine country. It's the story of the powerful Cara Vittore Cipriano and Jacquelyn Lee Biscayne. Cara is a lawyer and Padrone of the prestigious Cipriano Vineyards and Jake, an FBI forensic pathologist, is undercover with the Monsoon Rain Task Force, which is closing in on the Mexican/Colombian cocaine pipeline. Twisted threads had torn their lives asunder, leaving each to follow their own path toward an undeniable, inevitable fate. Destined to cross paths again, their lives will entwine amidst a world of intrigue, cocaine, murder and the relentless search for a ruthless killer.

  • Talon (2006) -- Nominated 2006 Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Fiction
    Liberty Starr had just finished FBI training and believed she was doing her patriotic duty when she agreed to join the Talons, an elite covert group formed by the President in response to an atrocious act of terrorism. The Talons and their mission are insidiously corrupted with murder for profit to further the political career and power by the president's trusted advisor, his Vice President. Kayla Sinclair was touted as the best woman downhill skier in the world and was predicted to win more medals than any woman in the history of the Olympic Games. Kayla was at the top of her game when an avalanche crashed down on her, causing her to spiral into a liquor bottle to escape her losses. A twist of fate brings these two emotionally damaged women together during a tumultuous time in the history of the country. Liberty discovers the heartbreak of betrayal and becomes the hunted. Can she find peace and absolution? Can she rekindle a small spark of humanity that still burns in a soul that is coated with the blood of those she's killed? Will Kayla overcome her demons and hatred for the mountain and allow her heart to heal and to love?

  • Web of Indiscretion (Future release)
    Renowned defense attorney, Sidney DeRoche, received a file by special delivery that contained a retainer check for one dollar and the gruesome pictures of a horrific triple murder that had taken place just hours earlier. The official crime scene pictures were questionably delivered to every leading newspaper around the world before the bodies were even cold. In several of the pictures rich playgirl Sasha Sheppard, covered in blood, was being taken unconscious from the exclusive multimillion dollar beach house where the murders took place.

    Sidney has a troubled history with the beautiful Sasha and to make matters worse, she is being asked to represent Sasha by her best friend and Sasha's sister, Ingrid Sheppard, the first woman President of the United States. Things don't add up. There are those that do not want Sheppard in the White House, not only because she is a woman, and has vowed to run corruption out of Washington, but also because she is a lesbian. Ingrid fears that they will stop at nothing, including framing her sister, to get to her and prevent her from winning a second term in the White House. Is it possible that Sasha, whose life has been spinning out of control for years, actually committed the murders? An assassination attempt has been made on Ingrid's life and she has called upon a woman who was once a deadly assassin to protect her sister and to find out who wants her out of the White House enough to kill her. Is everything as it seems to be and will it take an assassin to find an assassin before tragedy consumes both sisters and the many lives they touch?

See also:
  • Infinite Pleasures: An Anthology of Lesbian Erotica (2004)
    Hot, edgy, and beyond-the-envelope erotica from over thirty of the best lesbian authors writing today. This is a no-holds barred, tell it like you wish it could be. The collection is guaranteed to rocket your senses into overload and ratchet your body up to high-burn. This is NOT a book to be read in one sitting—savor, simmer, and let yourself be seduced by these Infinite Pleasures. J.P. Mercer, as well as the other authors of Infinite Pleasures, donated their talent and stories to benefit the Golden Crown Literary Society. J.P.'s story is about a tantalizing encounter and seduction in a yellow cab in New York City during a blackout.

    Includes works by: Ali Vali, C Paradee, Cate Swannell, CN Winters, DS Bauden, Gabrielle Goldsby, Georgia Beers, Jean Stewart, J.P. Mercer, Jennifer Fulton, Jessica Casavant, K Darblyne, K Stoley, Karin Kallmaker, Katlyn, Kelly Zarembski,
    KG MacGregor, Lesléa Newman, Lois Cloarec Hart, Lynn Ames, NM Hill, Nann Dunne, Radclyffe, S. Anne Gardner, Sarah Bradbury, Stacia Seaman, SX Meagher,  Therese Szymanski, Trish Kocialski, Trish Shields, Vada Foster, and Verda Foster.

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