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Alicia E. Goranson

readalicia at gmail.com
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Profile created April 19, 2006
Updated January 21, 2011

Alicia E. Goranson is a writer from the Boston area. She tells stories about the strength of the underdog, the alienated and the unloved.  In addition to her novel, Supervillainz, her other works have appeared in Other Magazine.-- from Saints & Sinners

  • Supervillainz (2006) - Co-winner of the 2005 Project QueerLit award; Finalist 2006 Lambda Literary Award for Transgender Awards
    Supervillainz boots transgender literature out of the classroom and into modern hipster culture with its unapologetic depiction of young genderqueers and their daily struggles for income, housing and friendship. By shifting focus away from the typical angst of passing and cultural acceptance, Supervillainz delivers a hard-edged tale of young adults focused on the mundanities of postcollege life, and the extreme measures they must take when a struggle breaks out between themselves and a clan more economically and socially powerful than they.

    Bit and Devon, 20-something trangendered friends, are mugged one night, but are rescued by a headstrong man in a high-tech suit, acting as a superhero. When the man is shot to death by the crowd he attracts while showing off his newfound abilities, Bit and Devon escape with his helmet. The man’s family blames Bit for the killing and pursues her, and anyone connected to her, throughout Boston. While she and Devon hide out at the loft of Galeno, a boi and drinking buddy of Devon’s, a jilted lover of Bit’s roommate Markie reveals their location to the superheroes. Bit is kidnapped but exchanged for the helmet.

    However, all is not forgiven, so Bit and Devon set off to discover what they can about the superheroes to figure out how to defend themselves. When the superheroes threaten to destroy Bit and Devon financially, the friends decide to reveal the truth behind the superheroes at a queer rally. Two sides face off, and the queers escape to rebuild their lives, but not with each other.

  • In 2010, Alicia had two plays performed – “The Sirens of War” in the Big Broadcast of 1946 show at the Somerville Theater and “Doctor Who and the Starship of Madness” at Arisia 2011, both for the Post-Meridian Radio Players.

  • In 2009, she had two plays performed – a ten-minute short called “The B’Arkies” for the Ten Tiny Shows festival, and an adaptation of the Orson Welles version of “War of the Worlds”, set in Boston (bb1938.com), for the Post-Meridian Radio Players.

  • The Mask of Inanna

    In the early 1950s, Leonard Allen was the producer and host of After Dark, a very popular, independently-produced suspense-horror radio show. His on-air persona, Dr. Damien Crask, was practically a household name. But when his best friend and business partner, Robert Stroud, stole the scripts and decamped for Hollywood to produce his own show, After Dark lost its biggest sponsor and Allen, feeling betrayed, gave up. After Dark died, unfinished.

    Fifty years later, Allen is dying in a state-run nursing home, when he is approached by the mysterious David Lewis, a smooth-talking businessman who gives him a strange offer: the role of caretaker and tour guide for an historic lighthouse off the New England coast. Allen is unable to resist the lure of a mystery and, when invigorated by a sudden and unexplained improvement in his health, he accepts the job.

    But for Allen, settling into his new home, overlooking the stormy sea below, it all seems too perfect. Just who are the people of Sea Robin Island and why do so many of them seem familiar? Why go through so much effort to get one, very specific, old man for such a mundane job? Why does a very useful, technically-minded teenage girl show up on his doorstep just before he discovers a disused radio transmission facility behind a door locked from the inside? And why is it so important for Dr. Damien Crask to return to the airwaves long after America has left the Golden Age of Radio behind?

    Leonard Allen is determined to get answers, but shortly after he discovers the bizarre truth, he learns that the plan is destined to go horribly, horribly wrong. Sea Robin Island will become a wasteland and face demons far greater than any mortal enemy if something isn’t done. But how can one old man and one rebellious teenage girl prevent the ongoing wave of destruction?

    The Mask of Inanna is a bi-monthly podcast, consisting of two seasons of five episodes each. Each episode is about an hour long.

Click here (http://www.themaskofinanna.com) to listen to The Mask of Ianna.

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Alicia's Favorite Authors/Books
(Alphabetical Order
By First Name)
As of March 6, 2007

  • A.A. Milne
  • Daniel Keyes
    Flowers for Algernon
  • Dorothy Allison
  • Drew Campbell, ed.
    The Bride Wore Black leather and He Looked Fabulous
  • Emmet Quinn
  • Flannery O'Connor
  • George Orwell
  • Phillip K. Dick
    A Scanner Darkly
  • Susan Cooper
    The Dark is Rising Series
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