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Works by
Lawrence Schimel
[October 16, 1971 - ]

Anthologies Edited by Lawrence Schimel
Anthologies with Contributions by Lawrence Schimel
Anthologies (Series)
American Vampire Series
Children's Books
  • Little Pirate Goes to School (2007) with Sara Rojo Perez, Illustrator
    Meet the little pirate with a lot to discover! It's the first day of school, and Mama and Papa Pirate have a surprise for Little Pirate but what could it be? Kids learn basic colors as they lift the easy to use flaps to help Little Pirate track down the treasure. Includes a giant fold-out pirate map maze to help Little Pirate chart his course!  Baby - preschool.

  • Little Pirate Goes to Bed (2007) with Sara Rojo Perez, Illustrator
    Meet the little pirate with a lot to discover!  Little Pirate looks for a snuggly treasure as he goes through his bedtime routine in this perfect nighttime tale Kids learn basic colors as they lift the easy to use flaps to help Little Pirate get ready for bed. Includes a giant fold-out game that lets kids explore the rooms of LIttle Pirate's ship!


  • The Crystal Egg/El huevo de cristal (Date?) with Sonia Sanchez, Illustrator
    Spanish edition

Non-fiction Anthologies
  • Fairy Tales for Writers (2007)
    Fairy Tales for Writers holds up a magic mirror to the joys and struggles of the creative process and the writing life, reflecting them through the lens of the powerful archetypes of these formative stories. In these pages the reader will find: the new writer who encounters a wolf along the path to publication; that member of a writing workshop who always needs to be the fairest of them all; a writer who give sup her voice for love; and even that shy, anonymous author who slips away before the end of the reading, but is nonetheless tracked down at last by an editor who wishes to publish her work. Because sometimes there is a happy ending, even in publishing. Everyone who has ever felt lost in the deep, dark forest of the publishing world will find resonance in these cautionary tales.

Short Stories
  • Two Boys in Love (2006) --  Finalist, 2006 Lambda Literary Award for Romance (Gay Male)
    The stories in Lawrence Schimel's latest collection show the full spectrum of romance between men, from the piercing joys of love at first sight to the tempered passions of men who have been together in a relationship for many years. From the sunny beaches of Barcelona to Christmastime in New York City, from couples who experiment with a threesome to a Cinderella fairy tale about a gay teen who finally finds love at the prom, these funny, quirky, sexy, and romantic stories are always original. And regardless of their setting, they give an honest depiction of gay lives and romance--a mix of insecurities, apprehensions, and, yes, blissful interludes -- which show that love is more than just sex and that commitment doesn't always have to be only about monogamy. Two Boys in Love is further proof that nobody understands gay hearts (and bodies) better than Lawrence Schimel.

  • His Tongue: Stories (2001) - Finalist, 2001 Lambda Literary Award for Erotica

  • The Drag Queen of Elfland: Short Stories (1997) - Finalist, 1998 Lambda Literary Award for Science/Fiction/Fantasy/Horror

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